7 Email Testing Tips for a Successful Campaign

Email campaigns still stand out as an effective strategy. Online businesses and websites use it to this day.

Naysayers that deny its capabilities tend to forget an important point. Its success boils down to the content. What lies within the email can win the customer’s interest or dissuade them entirely.

In mounting a successful email campaign, you need to conduct email testing. It is also referred to as split testing or A/B testing.

This method helps you fine-tune your emails before blasting them out. Today, we will look at some email testing tips to ensure that your campaign succeeds and bears fruit.

1. Proofread Email Content

Before starting the email campaign, you need to check the content first. Make sure to proofread the email content for any potential errors. These range from typographical errors to incorrect bits of information.

This ensures that the details included still retain their accuracy. One good method of proofing your content is to read it aloud. This will help you spot the typos and let you put in the proper spelling.

Also, while doing this, you can check on various format elements. Among these include the font style, text size, and headings.

Curious about what entails the split email test? You can check this out to learn more about the email testing process.

2. Check Your Links

Make sure to check your links in the email during the email test. You can use a Link Checker tool to make sure your links do not lead to any dead ends. You can check those links as well to ensure that they lead to the same intended point or if they get redirected elsewhere.

This also emphasizes the point of how important a landing page is. This component tends to get overlooked. If you plan to increase your conversion rate, make sure that the transition towards the call to action is both seamless and effortless.

3. Preview Your Design

After checking your email content, you should also look at the format and design. As mentioned in an earlier tip, you also need to look at what your email looks like in the visual aspect. Especially if you included images and GIFs on the content as to how you can integrate them.

The good thing about having these in your emails is how they engage the recipients. This lets them pay attention to the copy when combined with proper design elements.

Despite this, you should also pay attention to the number of images and GIFs present in the email. Consider going for a 70/30 ratio, with 30% of the email’s body going to the images. Meanwhile, 70% of the email body must go towards the actual message.

4. Check Your Subject Line

This is one of the aspects that you should test before going for the email campaign. It is one of the aspects you should test thoroughly during the split test. This is also a good part to start with.

The importance of this is that this is the first thing the recipients see. The subject line will be the determining factor if your email gets flagged as spam or if it gets opened. In this case, it has the same weight as getting the right headline for an article.

Consider these statistics as you prepare your subject line. 69% of email recipients would mark emails as spam after basing it on the subject line. Meanwhile, you have 47% of email recipients who would open the email based on the subject line.

5. Take Note of Sending Time and Day

Another important factor for the email test is the time and date when you send the email. When it comes to emails, you have to find the right time and date when you start sending emails. The last thing you want is for your email to get buried by hundreds of other emails.

With how office workers tend to receive an average of 121 emails every day, the trick would be to find the sweet spot in the day and time. Consider sending the emails from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

As for the time slots, consider going for 6 and 10 am for the morning timeslots. During the afternoon, go for 2 pm. Meanwhile, send at 8 pm for night time.

You can determine and test out which days and times would be optimal for sending the emails. This can affect the email’s visibility and reception.

6. Test in Different Email Clients

You will need a test cluster before going proceeding with the email campaign. This test cluster can help you check which other aspects work best during the split test. Among these is the use of various email clients.

Each email client available has a different way of rendering HTML. This could also mean that your email may also render differently when compared across the other email clients.

While conducting the email test, try to have your test cluster use different email clients. You can go with popular email clients like Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Send the emails on these accounts and see how they would look like while viewing them in these clients.

7. Check How It Looks on Mobile

As for how emails should have mobile optimization in mind, the same should apply to emails. With how mobile devices become the preferred method for internet browsing as of late, make sure that the elements of the email fit well for the smartphone screen. This also includes having readable text that scales well on phones.

Try Email Testing for a Successful Campaign

With email testing, you can find out about the flaws and areas that need improvement. This way, you can improve the quality of the emails that you will send to potential customers. With proper testing, you can be sure that your recipients would become your next customers.

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