8 Must-Read Cheap Advertising Ideas for Your Website

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Are you a small business looking for inexpensive marketing tips? Often small businesses fail to reach their full potential because they forgo marketing. Having an advertising strategy for your website is a must in competitive marketing.

With advancements in technology and the popularity of social media, you can advertise your business for little or even nothing. Digital marketing has become a useful and productive tool for many companies.

It doesn’t matter if you are an online merchant or operating out of a physical space, you can attract new clients with the right website. There are a lot of marketing ideas for small businesses ready for you to tap into.

It also doesn’t hurt to be creative and willing to try something new.

If you are struggling to get noticed, continue reading for eight easy and cheap advertising ideas to turn your website into your best advertising tools.

1. Build a Full-service Website

To get started you will need a website to showcase your services and products. People use search engines to find information, 91% of the time, according to a 2012 survey. With so many people opting to find information online, you should be there to receive them.

Numerous apps on the market will help you run an effective website. Offering your product or service via your site is a sure fire way to tap into the digital market.

Websites offer everything you can include in costly print marketing material.

Now that your business is growing, be sure check-out this website for options on managing your inventory and sales.

2. Social Media for Cheap Advertising Ideas

Unless you have been totally disconnected from reality, you have probably heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is virtually impossible to be recognized in today’s digital-driven world without the use of social media.

The opportunity to execute lead generation is increased with visibility on your business’s social platforms.

Ways to be seen without spending a lot of cash is buying promotional ads and zeroing in on your target audience. You can also get your current clientele engaged by offering perks to have their friends like or follow your social media pages and posts.

3. Build a Popping Blog

Blogging is popular and a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Aside from the cost of your domain and hosting site, there is very little expense associated with running a blog.

Choose categories associated with your business to write about. If you’re a travel agent, write about different countries you’ve traveled to. Provide expert advice on planning a dream trip.

Once your blog is up and running, you can use your social media to share the content. It is a win-win pairing of two awesome marketing ideas for small business.

4. Incorporate Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of many good marketing ideas. This is another way to tie many of the options listed here to increase traffic to your website.

Have customers sign-up for your email list by promising exclusive material. Offer discount codes, special deals, and customer appreciation shopping days on your website.

You can use your email marketing to incorporate social media by doing drawings for free merchandise or a free service. For example, on Mother’s Day have customers post a picture with their mom using #YourCompanyName.

5. Video

Video is a great free marketing idea if you can do-it-yourself. Video is growing in popularity and a sure fire way to attract customers online.

Some companies spend thousands of dollars on local television ads. You can bypass the expense by producing your own video. Post your content on your website and then share the links on your social media platforms and email marketing.

Another use of video is live streaming on social media. Invite potential customers into your world by showcasing your team at work or doing how-to demos. Afterward, post the video on your website.

6. Use Pictures

Like video, pictures can be used to promote your business effectively on your website. Marketing ideas include having images of your product or service on an eCommerce website page. This way they can see what you offer and also make a purchase.

Pictures will add life to your website. Your blog will also need images to draw people to its content. People are very visual, and you need to capture their attention if you want them to take an interest in what you are offering.

You can take your pictures or hire a photographer. By the way, make sure your website includes photos of you and your staff for a personal touch.

7. Allow Customers to Rate Your Service

If you offer a great product or service, let your customers be your best advertising. Having a testimonial page or rating app is two free marketing ideas.

When people visit your website, they can see what others are saying about your business. Positive reviews are like word-of-mouth advertising. People are more likely to give you a chance if others have had successful and positive experiences.

Encourage satisfied customers to leave a review. Next, share the reviews on social media and in your marketing emails.

8. Web Page Pop-up’s

Pop-up windows on a website can be a useful free marketing tool if used correctly.

A pop-up can be used on your homepage to entice visitors to provide you with their email address. Offer them a 10% discount on their first online order. Or you can have them click on a quick introduction video.

Once visitors are on your website, introduce a pop-up for every three clicks on the site. These pop-ups could include an image and info on a product they have clicked.

During check-out, you can use pop-ups as a last-ditch offer to get the visitor to purchase an item previously viewed.

We Hope These Ideas Have Been Useful

There is no reason not to use these cheap advertising ideas for your website. Once you get visitors to your online store or office, keep them coming back by offering a positive experience.

For more ideas visit our blog for useful information on the best tips for promoting your business.