What’s the Impact of the New AdWords Budget?

google adwords budget

How much do you budget for your AdWords campaign? Adwords is now letting you overbudget to double the amount of your daily budget.

AdWords wants to make sure you’re getting your all when optimizing ads.

However, you set a daily budget so you don’t overspend on ads.

With this new feature, companies can easily overspend if they don’t monitor their ad spending. But overspending the amount will increase the awareness of the ads.

Fortunately, you still have several options. If Google notices your ads are popular one day, they will run the ad over your budget. If your ads don’t receive as much exposure, Google will cap it early to even out the cost.

Read on to better understand the Google AdWords budget change.

Overdelivery Credit

When you exceed your daily or monthly Google AdWords budget, Google calls this an overdelivery credit.

They credit you when they decide to run your ad for longer than the amount you have on your budget.

In short, your ad runs for longer and Google isn’t charging you.

Why would Google run your ad for longer than your budget?

If Google notices your ad is performing well, Google wants you to profit. Rather than cutting off your ad, Google will continue running it to boost exposure. So you won’t get charged extra, Google credits the extra time the ad is running.

But there are days your ad doesn’t perform well. Google takes this into consideration — your ad is running longer to be sure your website receives hits on the days the ad is doing well, making up for the days your ad doesn’t do well.

Allowing this extra time saves you money and increases your brand exposure. Your budget could increase by double if Google didn’t credit your account.

There Are More Ways to Save Money

Regardless of the size of your Google AdWords budget, there are numerous ways to save on AdWords. And the savings are increasing while increasing brand exposure and beating your competitors.

You can zero in on keywords that will profit, making your budget go to more effective keywords. When your ad does well, you can save those keywords and keep investing in them.

Also, keep in mind what you’re advertising. Is it your company’s landing page? Is it a certain product? Or a sale?

Google’s AdWords budget is also helping you understand what sells. You’ll be able to better manage your ad categories and web pages when you see what ads work better.

You Can Continue to Budget Less

There are several ways Google AdWords budget optimizes your brand so you spend less. But the overdelivery service helps increase your savings even further.

Since Google is monitoring the performance of your ads, you’re not pressured to spend more. Rather, you spend as much as you need and let the traffic decide what works and what doesn’t.

If you notice more credits are added to your account, this can be incentive to spend a little more. Google is obviously pushing your ad. Increasing your budget could help to increase brand awareness even further.

Whether you spend less, spend more, and spend the same, you’ll be able to reach your advertising goals.

You Can Start Running Your Ads for the Full Month

Since AdWords is crediting you for extra time your ad is running, this can give you more inventive to budget your ad for a full month.

To reduce costs, it’s common to only post an ad for a day or only keeping them posted for a small portion of the month.

You can do this by monitoring what ads work and keeping them posted for the full month, or just keeping all of your ads posted for the full month.

However, this will still add to your cost. You’ll still save a lot more by reducing the amount of time your ad is posted.

If you’re concerned about spending too much for an ad that may not profit, use Google’s overdelivery as a test to see what ads you can increase and what ads you can eliminate.

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Your Budgeting Techniques Will Improve

This simple change gives you a wide array of options with budgeting techniques.

On your AdWords account, you can see the performance of your ad and if Google is increasing your ad’s exposure.

This will help you see which ads are doing well and which ones aren’t. So you can start making some changes that will further profit your brand.

For example, you can opt to continue pushing the ads receiving more exposure and remove the ads that aren’t doing as well.

Or, you can compare the ads that aren’t doing well and the ads that are doing well. This will help improve the ads that aren’t doing well.

What if Google isn’t pushing any of your ads? This may mean none of your ads are performing as well as you would like. This may give you the incentive to increase your ad development campaigns.

Diversify Your Advertising

A brand can invest in multiple advertising channels to increase the performance of the ads.

This technique can be applied to multiple designs or multiple products. But you can also use multiple advertising strategies, depending on your industry and location.

Let’s give local advertising as an example. Say you only invested in advertising for general keywords.

But because your ads have been performing well and you’re confident about increasing your budget, you can try new types of advertising, such as local keyword advertising.

When reaching out to other advertising channels, you have a better chance of attracting a wider audience. Google’s overdelivery system will help you diversify your advertising to improve your reach.

Google AdWords Budget Will Help Your Ads

Google overdelivery will help you invest in keywords you know are working.

When your ad performs well, Google will increase the amount of time the ad is shown and will credit the extra amount. This helps increase your brand exposure and can help you save money.

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