Email campaigns still stand out as an effective strategy. Online businesses and websites use it to this day. Naysayers that deny its capabilities tend to forget an important point. Its success boils down to the content. What lies within the email can win the customer’s interest or dissuade them entirely. In mounting a successful email campaign, you need to conduct email testing. It is also referred to as split testing or A/B testing. This method helps you fine-tune your emails before blasting them out. Today, we will look at some email testing tips to ensure that your campaign succeeds and bears fruit. 1. Proofread EmailRead More →

Health Supplements

The health supplement industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, with many people looking to control their own health and wellness.  Just this past year, the supplement industry was estimated to be worth over $123 billion, and it only seems to be accelerating in growth.  The only problem is, with so many individuals seeking natural health solutions, it brings a lot of competition to the table, meaning you will have to stand out to sell your products.  Keep reading this guide to learn more about marketing health supplements and gain valuable tips to boost your digital marketing strategy.  1. Provide Educational Content Above allRead More →

Medical Device Marketing

There are nearly 2,000 different kinds of medical devices. But these medical devices can’t help anyone if nobody knows about them.  That’s why you need to know about medical device marketing. You need to how to market medical devices. The more you know about marketing a medical device, the more your target market will know about it. That results in more sales. More people will realize the benefit of your devices.  If you’re unsure how to market your medical devices, here are 5 marketing tips to boost online sales.  1. Figure Out Who Benefits the Most From Your Medical Device  Before you market your device,Read More →

Instagram Content

It is no surprise that Instagram continues to grow in popularity at a rapid rate. The platform was created back in 2010 to post fun photos to share with your friends and family. Now creating content for Instagram has turned into a full-blown business for some people. It can be a way for people to generate revenue, draw interest to their products or services, or just build an audience. There are plenty of different ways that you can go about making content and posting on Instagram. Keep reading for our guide to five of the best tips for creating content for Instagram. 1. Edit YourRead More →

how to market your website

Have you recently decided to break into the adult toy industry? If so, you’ve made a smart move. The worldwide annual revenue for sex toy sales is a staggering $15.25 billion. That’s a huge consumer market just looking for somewhere to purchase sex toys and other adult products. But there are certain elements that your adult website needs in order to make and close sales. Let’s take a look at how to market your website for this type of niche and create a loyal customer base. How to Market Your Website Using 3 Key Elements Knowing how to properly market your adult website means understandingRead More →