5 Things Every Cash For Homes Website Should Know About Creative Content Marketing

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Depending on the size of your company, your marketing budget could be in the thousands or even millions, with half devoted to digital marketing. That’s a major investment for businesses of any size. In order to save money and have a serious impact, it’s important that you employ some creative content marketing.

While you still want to be taken seriously, there are lots of new ways that companies are connecting with clients. Some companies will roast haters on Twitter, others will joke about the quality of their earlier products.

Whatever your approach is to creative content marketing, you already know that it’s the future of marketing. If you’re trying to figure out how to implement it, here are 5 approaches that are working for companies big and small.

1. Be Funny

Most people know when they’re being sold something at this point. And with the amount of ad space being taken up on the internet, people want to know that companies are at least aware of how tired they are of advertising.

That’s where social media has helped a lot of companies. Wendys has become famous for joking with Twitter users and their competitors alike. This makes their giant corporation seem approachable and fun.

Gone are the days where every executive in a suit and tie tests out every iteration of every phrase before rolling it out to the public. Were in a time where risks bring greater rewards. And a sense of humor will always be one of the most attractive traits anyone can have.

2. Respond To Customers

Airlines are probably the commonly hated companies in the world of social media. But whenever there’s a negative tweet written about a major airline, believe it or not, there’s someone at the other end reading it. If you’re that person, what do you do?

The answer is: Respond.

Whether you get feedback through email, social media, or comment cards, creative content marketing now includes how you communicate with customers. Be sure they know you’re heard. And if they reach out to you in public, the best thing you can do is to let them know you want to help them, publicly.

Be easy to get in touch with, much like this company is.

3. Make It New

How does a 100-year old refrigerator company look new to their public audience? Is it possible to be hip and new if you’re a traditional older company?

Thankfully, there are some great examples of how to freshen up your content marketing.

Try out some high-quality professional photography. Some wide angle HD hero images of your old equipment or your newest creation can wow your customers.

Hire a professional photographer to take some cinematic images to make your brand a modern classic.

4. Strong Headlines

Make sure that all the content you post has a strong headline. It needs to stand out and connect with users on a visceral level.

If you can make it relevant to a cultural or social movement, don’t be afraid to take that risk. Customers will respond and give you the clicks to prove it.

5. Be An Authority

The best way to create fresh, relevant content and increase your search engine ranking is to create a blog. The easiest way to generate content is to write about what you know about.

Tell your customers some how-tos for maintaining or using your product. Give them tips and tricks, letting them know you’ve got so much knowledge that you can afford to give some away.

Creative Content Marketing Is In The Details

The text and hashtags you attach to images have an important impact on how well your content resonates with customers. Be sure that you’re paying attention to all of the details before posting or sending anything out.

If you’re ready to take a new approach to marketing content, check out our tips on how you can improve your web presence for an even higher impact.