5 Site Design Tips For An Online Medical Store

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Within the last several years, eCommerce has become increasingly popular within the medical field. So if you’re looking to make the most of your medical site, you’ll want to focus on its design and how it affects the end user.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your website by following these five site design tips.

1. See What’s Already Out There

Creating an eCommerce store can be quite intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. But it’ll be a lot more manageable once you get a few ideas about what’s out there.

Browse a few of the most popular medical supply sites and pay attention to their design.

How are they incorporating the user’s needs into their design?

Pay close attention to the elements you may not normally look for, like color, shape, and menu design.

Site design is about the holistic experience, not just a few key elements, so get a sense of how each design element works together. A site should have a cohesive flow to it, like a stream of water.

2. Keep Your Site Design Simple

Once you’ve started browsing the competition’s sites, you’re likely going to notice one recurring theme: simplicity.

Users aren’t going to waste their time searching through dozens of menus or pages of unnecessary content. They want to find what they’re after, buy it, and get out. It’s that simple.

Give them a simple experience and they’re far more likely to shop with you over the competition.

So give consumers what they’re after and keep your design as simple as possible. There’s no need for a flashy design. A basic menu design, creative colors, and readable text go a long way.

3. Less is More

Imagine walking into a store. You already know what you need, you just want to find the product and get out.

As you start walking down the aisle, you find the item you’re after… as well as a few dozen other items. How can you be sure you’re making the right purchasing decision? What if you could save more money by going with a different product?

This is an example of a psychological phenomenon known as the paradox of choice.

The more options you give someone, the likelier they are to not make a decision at all. Keep this in mind with your eCommerce design. There’s no need to feature 50 products per page.

4. Use High-Quality Imagery

Your eCommerce store is a reflection of your business. If a customer browses your site and sees unclear, pixelated images, they’re going to assume you didn’t put much time or thought into your design at all.

First and foremost, yes, products do need unique images. In fact, having a few from various angles is a great idea.

But make sure those photographs are clear and paint the product in a flattering light. Plenty of sites, including Save Rite Medical, have mastered the art of the advertising photo. You’ll need to as well.

5. Focus on the Checkout Process

Your checkout process should be simple and refined, containing as few steps as possible. Cart abandonment is a serious issue in the eCommerce world, and customers aren’t going to go through eight different steps to buy a product.

Give them the ability to sign-in easily, or at least checkout as a guest.

Last Thoughts on Medical Store Site Design

Creating and designing a website can be tough work. But keep these tips in mind and stick to it. Soon, you’ll have plenty of brand new customers and a successful online store!

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