How to Use a Blog to Drive Traffic to Your Law Office Website

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Looking for a way to grow your website?

Try starting a blog. Websites with blog content receive 55% more visitors than those without. That’s a huge boost, so don’t dismiss blogging as a way to increase your visibility.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at how blogging can drive traffic to your law office website.

Showing Your Expertise

By maintaining a quality blog with valuable content, you show your audience that you know what you’re talking about.

That’s especially relevant to a law office website. Clients look for law firms they can trust and who they know can show experience.

Blogs allow you to show off your knowledge in an easy, approachable way. And as others share your content, they’re giving you credibility.

In this sense, your blog acts as one huge testimonial to the quality of your services.

Take a look at how sites like Desalvo Law handle it. You can quickly see the way they present their law expertise in a way clients can understand.

Shareable Content

The rise of shareable content has changed the game for business websites.

These days, your blog isn’t just for visitors. It’s for everyone. Sharing your content on Facebook and Twitter acts as a huge signal boost for your site – without the costs associated with active advertising.

Clients approach your site through two major routes. In the first route, clients will seek you out. They’ll type in your address or find you on Google.

But the second route is based on shareable content. It makes it much easier for clients to stumble across your site even when they’re not actively looking.

Given that a blog doesn’t cost you anything but the hours you put into it, that brings customers to you for free and boosts your brand awareness.

With shareable content, there’s also the chance of going viral, which could smash any predictions you’ve had about site engagement.

Add Value

If you’re the kind of business who can give away expert knowledge for free, then you’re a business people will want to engage with.

Maintaining a blog adds tangible value even for people who aren’t using your services. It gives clients (and potential clients) a compelling reason to keep coming back. And for each potential client who comes back, that’s another chance they’ll end up a customer.

The more value a business can offer, the higher they can climb in customer opinion. Use your blog to provide useful info to capitalize on that fact.

Even better, enabling comments means people can engage with you directly. That lets you show off how helpful, knowledgeable, and communicative you are. By establishing a positive brand personality, you can bring in clients who might otherwise be on the fence.

Promote Your Law Office Website

For most modern sites, maintaining a blog is a no-brainer. Your expertise means you can put a blog together with just a small amount of effort, at the same time adding a huge engagement tool to your website. Try it out, the results could surprise you.

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