Interesting Article Topics to Turn to When You Have Writer’s Block

interesting article topics

There are many obstacles you’ll face as a business owner. And if you settled for writing your own blog content, then writer’s block is inevitably one of them.

However, consistently publishing high-quality content is crucial for both SEO and appeasing your visitors. There’s no way around it, other than to hire a professional to handle the writing for you.

But if you’re intent on doing all the content creation on your own, then you may need help getting through your rut. In this guide, we’ll cover some interesting article topics you can try.

Who knows, this may just inspire you enough to get your own creative juices flowing.

Offer a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

If you have a loyal following, surely they’d like to see what’s going on behind the curtain of your company. Today’s brands are catering to the new generation of consumers who are loyal to businesses that are open and transparent.

So if you want to appease this market, then this is one way to do it. For instance, you can write a blog post about the projects your brand is currently working on or products you’re preparing to launch.

Or you can simply cover a day in your life, the CEO. However, if you’re a little shy and want to focus more on the company, you can create a list of fun facts about your business.

Provide Expert Insights

You’re a specialist in your industry, so use your knowledge and expertise to educate your audience. The world is ever-changing, and with it various business sectors.

Write a blog post giving your own spin on the current state of the market, future trends and anything else you have the insight to touch on.

For example, some topics may discuss best practices, which trends to ignore and which to watch, things everyone should try or do, and so on.

What’s great about these topics is that they can trend easily and sometimes go viral – both of which can help your search engine optimization.

Invite a Guest Writer to Your Blog

Now, here’s a great way to get content when you’re at a loss for creating interesting article topics. And there are other ways guest posts can benefit you.

For instance, it can help draw in their audience, which will increase your traffic. It also builds relationships with other bloggers and influencers. Then one day, you can return the favor and write a guest post for their site.

Doing so will draw even more traffic to your site since you can include a link to your blog in your article.

Cover Your Top Picks

Surely, you have favorite tools or advice you believe are top-notch. If you feel that way about them, why not make recommendations to others?

Sharing your insights on what’s hot and what’s not can help boost your authority in the industry. For example, you can go over books that inspired or helped you in your business.

Other ideas for interesting article topics include helpful applications and software, most inspiring blogs/bloggers and top tools in the business.

Share Details On Your Experience

If your business survived this long, then there are many stories to tell. For instance, what you learned from mishaps, trials and errors and various obstacles.

There’s a lot you can teach from your own experience. This can help others to avoid similar conflicts or overcome them easier.

Some interesting article topics you can use include top things you wish you knew before, what you learned last year or the best or worst advice you ever received.

Give Away Tips, Ideas, and Hacks

How do you make the things in your life easier? Maybe you have certain tools or methods that help streamline certain areas of your business.

Some ideas may include 15-minute fixes, how to begin…, how to complete…, places to get inspiration and a list of strategies.

Offering such valuable information will enhance the sharability of your content on social platforms. Plus, it may increase your ranking in search engine page results (SERPs).

Create a Comprehensive Guide

You’ve spent a lot of time writing content for your blog. And for a lot of new visitors, it can be too much soak in. So to help make it all easier to digest, you can write up a comprehensive guide.

The quickest way to do so is to combine your most relevant and interesting article topics and place them into a super long blog post.

Of course, you should edit it, so that it’s not overwhelmingly long. This can be a multi-part series that you link to in each post, so users can easily find the next or prior post.

Create a “Start Here” Post

Then to further help newbies on your blog, you can write a start here post that links to your top and most relevant posts and pages. You should display everything in an organized fashion, so they can follow along without confusion.

Another idea is to create a guide that meets the demands of your audience. Include links to other posts that are helpful to making readers better understand your post.

Don’t be afraid of writing a long-winding post. Just make sure it’s filled with lots of insights and information – no fluff allowed.

This way, your audience is digesting a mouthful of excellent content. And that will only make them come back for me.

Hopefully, this helps get you out of your writer’s block, so there’s something to read when they come back!

Create a Content Strategy with Interesting Article Topics

Content is everything on the web, so if you’re lacking in this area, then you’re going to have issues with traffic and credibility.

And without credibility, you’ll lack trust. Ultimately, this leaves you with a market of customers who choose not to do business with you.

The only way around this is to ensure you continuously put out quality content that’s engaging, relevant and valuable. Pull this off and you can award yourself with a steady flow of traffic and potentially higher conversion rates.

Once you have your list of topics in order, you can continue promoting your site. At iStats, businesses get assistance with building, measuring, and monetizing their site.

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