The Best Lawyer Website Design Trends for 2018

best lawyer websites

The best lawyer websites follow design & tech trends. This presents a professional website for clients while offering incredible usability and content. The result of the adoption increases search rankings and social signals.

Feel as if your lawyer site isn’t performing 100%? Follow these design trends.

7 Design Trends of the Best Lawyer Websites

Local ad and marketing dominance dictates the legal market. Most inquirers seek local services for convenience and face-to-face time. In fact, 76% of mobile shoppers will change their mind about a brand if they find them online first.

Good placement in local listings is essential for reaching these individuals. A great website acts as the sales funnel. Here’s how to build a great site…


Chrome will begin marking sites as “not secure” if they remain as HTTP. This message will show before targeted groups land on a page starting July 2018. A free or inexpensive SSL certificate makes the site secure to receive traffic.


Sharing content and contact information is the purpose a website. Those visiting a law site seek answers to their legal questions. A chatbot provides real-time responses to these questions without wasting visitors’ time.

The goal is to increase response time to under 5 minutes. The result of using chatbots? A 100-fold increase in lead contact vs a 30-minute+ response rate.


AMP is Google’s response to Web users demand for timely information. These are the results displayed within Google search without the need to click on links.

Add AMP through semantic code and structured content. Create content and invite readers to learn more about injuries during car accidents, for instance. Compile the information, make it better, and display it in an easy-to-read format.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical layouts remove the structured design of websites. Instead, it creates an experience driven by visuals. Important info should remain the focus, but you’re at liberty to experiment with the flow.


Stock photos are out, and illustrations are in.

Illustrations are easy on the eyes while conveying lifestyle & emotion. The best lawyer websites could explore the feeling of victory with illustration. This creates an emotional attachment to the legal services beyond doing it by the book.

Vibrant Colors

Going out on a limb: Is your law site mostly blue? Probably so because blue is associated with trust and loyalty.

Vibrant colors have begun their trend to create eye-catching features. Rich & deep hues (much like the designs of the 80’s) are the new wave. Explore this opportunity only if it aligns with the brand. Otherwise, the vibrant colors could become distracting and seem unprofessional to visitors.


Parallax scrolling is a now common feature in web builders. This creates a visual contrast between information blocks. It creates enough novelty to keep the visitor scrolling and discovering vital information.

Moving Forward with Design Trends

Trends create a fine line between innovation and laggardness. In one timeline, the site becomes a market leader. On the other, it becomes drab and forgotten.

It’s important to adapt to how people use and interact with the Web. This increases the “stickiness” of the site leading to higher lead conversion.

Make your best judgment using competitive analysis and market research. Ask yourself: Will your site adapt or fade with the times?