How To Market Your Website: A How To Guide for Online Adult Toy Sales

how to market your website

Have you recently decided to break into the adult toy industry? If so, you’ve made a smart move.

The worldwide annual revenue for sex toy sales is a staggering $15.25 billion. That’s a huge consumer market just looking for somewhere to purchase sex toys and other adult products.

But there are certain elements that your adult website needs in order to make and close sales. Let’s take a look at how to market your website for this type of niche and create a loyal customer base.

How to Market Your Website Using 3 Key Elements

Knowing how to properly market your adult website means understanding not only how people search for adult content, but how Google handles pornographic searches and material.

There are three areas for you to focus your attention when deciding how to market your website – social media, content, and SEO. And the biggest factor to keep in mind when navigating the waters of adult website promotion is what is and isn’t considered appropriate.

Social Media

The adult industry lends itself to a lot of visual content, which is both good and bad when discussing how to market your website. Sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are perfect for reaching thousands of followers using one post that directs them back to your site.

Once they’re here, they can browse around and start purchasing products. But most social media platforms have regulations or guidelines for the type of content shown. This could lead to your post being flagged and removed. So how do you avoid this?

It’s all about getting creative. Find out what the platform’s guidelines are, and play safely within them. For example, Facebook has pretty strict rules on posting not only photos that contain nudity but even content that uses words like “sex”.

So instead of posting a racy photo or phrase that contains graphic language, use a humorous quote or language that is more suggestive of the products you’re selling. Direct visitors to your site in a discreet way and once they’re there, then you can openly showcase the sex toy kits, lingerie, couples toys, and other products for sale.

Quality Content

If there’s one thing we know about improving your sites rankings and traffic, it’s including quality content. And this can easily be done on an adult website as well. How?

Start an erotica blog or page that offers sex advice, tips, and stories for visitors. This is a great way to engage your audience and keep them on your site for longer. Content is also the perfect place for internal links to your products.

You can utilize keyword tools to help determine what words and queries Google users are searching for. Including these words in your content is an effective way to increase traffic. Blogs also educate readers on adult products, which converts to informed purchases.

Want to really boost your site’s credibility? Feature an expert in the adult industry on your site. Interview a sex expert, porn star, or erotic novelist. This will instantly increase your site’s legitimacy with readers.


No discussion on how to market your website would be complete without discussing SEO. The good news is that Google’s restrictions on “adult” content are slightly more lenient now than in the past.

This means that most issues you encounter when marketing your adult website on Google will be with their advertising policies, not necessarily with how they handle algorithms. So the best way to market your adult website is using SEO-rich keywords and quality content. Steer clear of overly sexual or offensive ads that will likely get you flagged.

Get Creative

The most important thing to remember when marketing your adult website is to walk the fine line of adult advertising. Determine what is and isn’t acceptable and find a “safe” place somewhere in between.

By following these marketing guidelines, your adult website will be converting sales in no time.

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