8 Web Tracking Tools That Your Business Needs Now

web tracking tools

Increasing traffic to a website can be difficult without the proper tools. The first step to getting more clicks is understanding who is visiting the page.

Measuring web performance is an important part of digital marketing. Not only do these tools show how many people visit a website, but they also tell a bit more about who these visitors are.

Finding the right tool can help bring a business website to the next level. But what tools are out there? Which one is the best?

Check out these 8 web tracking tools that help businesses make sure their websites are efficient.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for measuring website performance. It’s simple, flexible, and totally free.

The tools and features packed into the service make it valuable for any business. After copying Google Analytics’ HTML code into your website, it starts keeping track of your website.

Google Analytics measures the number of visitors, what brought them there, and how long they stayed. But it also helps you set new goals.

Google Analytics records the different statistics and helps businesses understand consumer behavior. This information gives marketers a better idea of how to better interact with consumers.

While it may be the popular choice, it isn’t the most straightforward. The user interface can be tricky to navigate.

But with enough time, effort, and patience, it’ll become obvious why many choose Google Analytics.


While it may typically be best known for its link shortening tool, Bitly has much more to offer. In addition to saving space, Bitly also gives users tools to track and analyze link performance.

Bitly provides statistics about how consumers are interacting with the shortened links. Not only does it provide information about how many clicks the link has, but it also provides information on where the clicks come from.

This service makes understanding website performance metrics simple. Bitly gives businesses an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

From there, marketing teams can rework their content to connect with consumers.

Bitly may not be nearly as detailed as Google Analytics. However, the statistics it provides are equally as valuable.


Clicky has become more popular recently. Its interface and statistics are detailed and valuable to any growing business.

Clicky offers similar information as other web tracking tools. It provides updated information about who is visiting your site, what they’re doing, and how long they’re there.

One feature that Clicky is popular for is its real-time map of visitor behavior.

This detailed visualization of what users are doing on the website provides interesting information. The information is then shared with businesses in a way that’s easy to understand.

While Clicky provides many similar services to tools like Google Analytics, it’s much simpler to use. Though it isn’t free, Clicky can help businesses understand how people use their website.


Tracking website performance metrics can be an involved process. Some marketers keep close eyes on their numbers than others. Piwik is a great choice for those that want a little more out of their analytics tools.

In its simplest form, Piwik provides similar web tracking services as other tools. From website traffic to keyword searches, Piwik gives users many different tools for tracking metrics.

But the nature of the tool allows marketers to arrange their dashboard to suit their needs.

The ability to personalize the information Piwik gives businesses helps them grow on their terms. What information is collected can share businesses what they want to know about their website performance.

However, customizing the dashboard can also be a negative. Especially for marketers that don’t want to put in the extra time.

Piwik has a flexible array of tools that can be perfect for marketers with specific needs. This can help make data collection more effective.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics tracks many of the same metrics as other tools. However, this software combines features of a few of its competitors.

While it measures statistics like views and visits, Open Web Analytics also includes more specifics about user behavior.

This tool shares where users went and what they clicked on. It also records mouse movements that share more about how users interact with the website.

In order to improve a website, businesses need to understand their consumers. Collecting data on how they navigate the website can help businesses make a more user-friendly layout.


While understanding your own metrics is important, there are other ways to improve. One of these strategies is observing how competitors are performing. SimilarWeb lets businesses spy on the competition and compare rankings.

SimilarWeb compares businesses with their competitors across different platforms.

In addition to this, it also shows breaks down the stream of website traffic and which channels a business spends its time. This shows them what areas are working well and where they might need to spend more time.

SimilarWeb is an interesting combination of website metrics and website rankings. There is a lot that can be learned from observing competitors. Using this information can help a business increase its reach towards a new audience.


For some, having the most recent website metrics is important for the business’ future. Having the most updated statistics can help them stay ahead of the game. ChartBeat is the perfect tool for collecting the most recent data and adapting instantly.

ChartBeat gives businesses information about their website in real-time. Businesses can track exactly where users are and what they’ve done.

This makes understanding consumer behavior simple and fast. ChartBeat gives marketers the opportunity to maximize traffic by keeping their content updated.

Ensuring information is up-to-date can help keep users on the website. While it may not the be free, ChartBeat is great for measuring web performance and analyzing user behavior.


CrazyEgg tracks user behavior in a similar way as other tools. But while others try to combine features, this one focuses on visual data.

CrazyEgg uses a heat map that shows how users navigate the website. From clicks to how far they scroll, CrazyEgg shares where users go.

This shows where people are clicking and how to change their website design to make sure important information is seen first.

Choosing the Perfect Web Tracking Tools

With so many ways to collect data, choosing the perfect web tracking tools can be tricky. Every website is different. Finding the right one can help bring more traffic to your website.

These numbers can ensure that business’ keep their websites updated and effective. Visit our blog for more tips and tricks for measuring web performance.