The Key to Crafting a High-Converting Checkout Page: Your Questions Answered

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Do customers bounce out of your site before completing a transaction? Do people check in, shop, but then abandon their carts at the last second?

As a matter of fact, cart abandonment rates don’t seem to go down, despite advances in technology.

Keep in mind, the competition is fierce, meaning you need to use any strategy to attract customers. For example, you might opt to get local server providers for your website to make things faster. There are a lot of ways to get customers.

But if you want conversions, you need to optimize your checkout page. It’s all about simplifying the process for your customers. Read on if you want to find out more.

1. Decrease the Number of Steps Needed

Around 27% of shoppers abandon their carts when they struggle to check out. There are a lot of ways you can solve this problem and eliminate as many steps as possible. Once you do, you can expect your conversion rates to increase.

One-click payments are the best solution to make high-converting checkout pages. You’re most likely familiar with this method if you used Amazon’s “Buy with 1-Click” button. It makes customers skip the entire process by completing it using a single click.

If you use one-page checkouts, you encourage rush customers to complete buying. This will make them less likely to drop out especially if it takes a while to load a page. Remember, it’s important to make sure the checkout gets completed within seven clicks or you lose them.

A good way to make your page optimized is to place the checkout elements on the right side of your page. Include options for using billing and shipping addresses. Give them a clear call-to-action button while including payment methods and order summaries.

2. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce rose by 300% over the past half-decade. The problem most eCommerce retail sites face is cart abandonment. It’s much higher among mobile users due to a lot of reasons.

Some people are always on the go and can get distracted. But around 84% of these people abandon carts when they undergo the checkout process. If you want the best checkout page design for mobile, enlarge the clickable buttons and make them more visible.

Make sure to reduce the number of images, so your pages load faster. Customers also want to feel secure, so display your security credentials. For mobile users, it’s always better to use vertical aligns to make navigation much easier.

Make sure to remove potential distractions. Often, popup ads can make them click and abandon their cart. Limit their points of exit to make them more encouraged to complete their transactions.

3. Require the Barest Necessary Information

If you include elements in your checkout pages like “Company”, your customers become discouraged. It’s often much better to let go of the elements that don’t contribute anything to the transaction. In most United States-based eCommerce retailers, the average number of elements for checkout is at 24.

But the ideal number of elements is at 12 if you want increased conversion rates. Make a review of your checkout form and see if you can remove elements like:

  • Address Line 2
  • Title
  • Middle Name
  • Middle Initial

To make it faster, use Google Autofill on your checkout pages. A lot of your shoppers will most likely use Google Chrome or Android for their eCommerce shopping. Google saves their personal information to save them time from typing it over and over.

Using Google Autofill helps your website become more efficient. You might achieve the one-click purchase feature since you’re using saved shipping and billing data. It saves customers time especially when they’re on mobile.

4. Offer Guest Checkout Features

If you’re a small eCommerce store, you need to enable this feature. Requiring all your users to register for an account only makes them less likely to become conversions. People don’t like making website accounts especially if it’s their first time trying you out.

Around 25% of shoppers abandon their cart if you force them to make an account. To prevent this, offer an option to check out without the need to register. If you need more professional advice for your checkout page designs, click here.

Make sure that, as soon as they click the checkout option, take them to the one-page process. After finishing the transaction, offer them a chance to save their information. Never force them to register.

If you save their information, it makes them more likely to come back. Customers like speedy checkouts since it’s more convenient. This feature will benefit your business and customers even more.

5. Display Your Security Features

Some customers become discouraged to check out when they feel unsecured. They might go to your competitors if you don’t display the trust indicators the major retailers use. Make it a point to display your trust badges like Verisign or Norton Secured.

Your reliability often depends on whether you have these trust indicators displayed. Around 60% of shoppers will abandon their cart if you don’t display these badges. That’s why it’s important to show them these badges with every step of their checkout process.

The customers need to feel reassured so it’s up to you to send these trust signals. Make sure that they feel like their information has protection. Most people get quite paranoid about identity theft, especially if they’re entrusting you with their financial information.

Get the Best Checkout Page Today!

Improving your store’s checkout page should be a prioritized process. It’s one of the components of your page that has a direct impact on your profit. Optimizing the entire checkout by offering different payment options and displaying trust badges increases your conversion rates.

It’s important to keep these tips in mind if you want to reduce cart abandonment rates. It becomes your highest priority if you’re starting out as a small eCommerce retail store. Sticking to it will make the difference needed to turn your business into a success.

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