How to Make Money with Your Website: 5 Foolproof Methods

how to make money with your website

55% of full-time bloggers are using affiliate marketing to earn money, and for good reason. If you’re going to spend time and energy building a solid website then it’s work knowing how to make money with your website.

Learning How to Make Money With Your Website

Seeing people make money doing what they love online may seem like a superpower, but in reality, it’s not as hard as it looks. Read on to find several ways you can start earning money on your website today.

Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to make extra money with your website to little or no added value. You can become an affiliate marketer for a number of products or sign up directly with Amazon.

As an affiliate, you will be able to link items on your site to real products and receive commisions on the sale. For example, if you frequently post recipes on your website you can simply link each ingredient to the product and receive a commission off of the sales. It’s that easy!

Sell Banner Space

When it comes to monetizing your website, passive income is king, and one solid way of doing this is by hosting ad space or banner ads on your websites. Banner ads don’t take up too much space, and typically run ads that are relevant to your audience so it won’t clash with what you’re trying to build.

The amount of money you make on a banner ad will depend on the amount of traffic your site receives and the advertisers budget.

Create and Market a Digital Products

If you love creating strong, valuable content then selling your own digital products may be the way to go. There is a great market for guides, ebooks, and even audios. Pay attention to feedback from your audience to see what type of digital content they would be most likely to buy.

You don’t need a substantial piece of content to sell either. You can start by selling several small ebooks at a low price, just to get the feel for things.

Sell Courses

If you enjoy a more educational, hands-on experience, then you may find selling courses is the best work for you. Courses don’t have to take a lot of work and can actually be created by repurposing content you already have.

You also don’t need to be a website wiz to create a course. There are plenty of course creation platforms that make the process easy and even allow individual logins for your course members.

Work as An Influencer

Finally, you can always monetize your site by choosing to work as an influencer. Once you’ve established a solid brand presence and a steady flow of traffic, brands that are looking to appeal to your audience may choose to be a sponsor.

This means they will either pay for you to mention or use their products on the site, or they will send you plenty of free goodies in return for a little free publicity.

Sometimes earning a great living online is as simple as having the right mentality in place. Learning how to attract wealth is a great way to start pulling in the right opportunities.

Starting Your Money Making Journey

Learning how to make money with your website is just the first step in your money making journey. The more you learn, the greater your earning potential.

From building a successful online boutique to offering online marketing services online, the options are endless.