Marketing Consulting Services 101: Simple Steps to Scoring Clients

marketing consulting services

According to research, 62% of marketing companies now outsource to marketing consulting services. If you are a digital marketer, you need to know how to promote your consulting business so that other businesses can reap the rewards of your services.

There are many benefits to hiring digital marketing professionals, it has been proven to provide a great return on investment, improving sales, and sparking brand awareness.

However, in order to help other businesses, you need to market your own consulting business first so they can find you amongst the sea of other marketing consulting businesses.

It is easy as pie to promote another brand, but when it comes to your own company, it can feel much more difficult.

Have no fear, this is exactly what we will teach you in this article, how to promote your own marketing consulting services and get new clients.


Do not overlook the power of referrals, as this could be the most important factor in your marketing. People trust another person’s opinion, hence why there are reviews on every website, page and so on.

When you are finished your project with a client, and positive that they are completely satisfied, simply ask your client for a referral. If you do not want to ask in person, send them a thank you note with the referral request in it.

Speak At an Event

You will have to set aside your fears of public speaking for this one. There is no better way than to display the confidence of your services to a group of people who are ready to absorb your knowledge.

Find an event that is relative to your business, which in your case, is easy because these days everyone needs marketing consulting services. You will need to have a speaking portfolio for bigger gigs, so building up your experience is vital to get to those high-end consulting clients.

Have a Blog

One of the best ways how to market consulting services is to provide a ton of informative content on your blog. Once your website becomes a tool of valuable information to people, you should be able to convert them into clients in no time.

Make sure every post finishes with a call to action that directs to your marketing services. You will also need to raise your SEO game and make sure that you are targeting the exact niche and client that you want.

Cold Calls

This may feel old-school, but cold-calling prospective clients is magical for your sales. The trick with cold-calling is to play the numbers game, so every 20-30 calls, you may get one sale.

Make sure you are calling between 6-8:30 am because there is a better chance you will avoid the receptionist and go straight to the prospective client.

Caller beware, this can work so well that you will have to start hiring employees to help with your booming business, you may even need to get a pay stub generator!

Learn More About Promoting Your Marketing Consulting Services

Now that you know more about how to advertise your marketing consulting services, you will be expecting a lot of business growth.

In order to succeed with a growing business, you need to be on top of your game.

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