What is Email Verification? Why It’s Important For Email Marketing

Email Verification

Did you know that there are 3.9 billion daily email users?

This vast number is reason enough to ensure email marketing is part of your strategy. However, this branch of marketing only works if your business is reaching real users.

Email verification is a necessary tool in the world of marketing. Read on to learn more about it.

What Is Email Verification?

Email verification, also known as email validation, is a service that verifies the accuracy of an email address. As some email addresses are of bad quality, it can be unsafe to send messages. An email verification service will separate the quality email addresses from the bad ones.

Email address verification includes checking if the address is valid by way of syntax. Examples of invalid syntax include an address with two dots, a missing @ sign, an extra space, or a missing dot.

After syntax gets verified, the email verification tool will check if the domain name is right. When this gets decided, an advanced technical process begins. This process includes deciding on the validity of email addresses.

Once this process is over, you will see results spread into categories. An email address could get classified under safe to send, accept-all, disposable, role-based, free service, invalid, and more.

The results will help you handle the email addresses. For example, you could decide to retire them, quarantine them, or keep sending emails.

Benefits of an Email Verification Tool

There are many benefits of an email verification tool when it comes to marketing. To reap these benefits, you need to ensure you are using a proper vendor. There are tips to test email verification vendors so you know you are choosing the right tool.

The importance of this tool for email marketing include:

More Accurate Data

When data is more accurate, it is considered high-quality. Data of this nature is the key to success because it can result in a mailing list that puts you on the right track. If the results of this tool show you that a large number of emails are inaccurate or undeliverable, you need to make improvements.

Reduces Email Bounces

The detailed results from an email verification service can place them into categories so you know which emails need to be removed from your list. The emails that cannot get delivered safely will be taken out which reduces the number of email bounces. This means you will see your outgoing mail get delivered without problems. 

Improves Engagement

The point of email marketing is to increase engagement with your customers. Since an email verification tool can remove addresses that are non-existent or wrong, real people will receive your emails.

Because you will have more data, you can get a better look at what consumers want. Drafting the next email will be easier when you know your customers better and will result in better engagement.

Email Verification Is Necessary

In the age of digital marketing, email is still a beneficial way to reach consumers. Because of this, an email verification page is a necessary tool if you want to ensure your audience is being reached. Don’t waste time sending emails to addresses that will never reach anyone, use this tool now!

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