How to Measure and Increase Mobile Hits on Your Website

mobile hits

To be certain that your mobile website is fairing well, you need to learn the strategies that will give you mobile hits.

This is make or break in today’s world since people use mobile devices more than desktop computers.

You’ll have a highly optimized, incredibly effective mobile website when you apply these tips.

Measure Mobile Hits With Google Analytics

Since Google is the most important site in the world when it comes to marketing and web traffic, it’s only right that you use Google analytics to assess your mobile hits.

With Google Analytics, you’re able to assess your traffic, the location it came from, and the device it was accessed through. With this power-packed tool, you’re able to set goals and track progress on them.

Companies wanting to increase their hits will use Google Analytics to assess conversion rates and sales activity.

This tool is valuable since Google Analytics differentiates between desktop hits and mobile traffic. You’ll be able to find out which keywords brought in mobile users, how long they browse and so much more.

Track Your Mobile Apps With Flurry

More than ever, web users are choosing mobile apps as their primary way of accessing the web.

Whether your mobile app provides an optimized version of your website or premium content, you’ll need to measure the data.

Flurry is a mobile hit measuring tool that helps you get accurate data for your mobile app.

This tool measures data like crash statistics, bugs and overall user activity. Yahoo! recently acquired this platform, giving it a huge push in the market of mobile analytics tools.

Incorporate Text Messaging

Have you ever been on a site that asks for text confirmation, or for you to sign up for alerts?

Incorporating SMS messaging gives you raw data to work with. You’ll receive phone numbers from your visitors and can track their responses.

Since people are accessing mobile sites on a smartphone in most cases, there are fewer barriers to measuring your hits using text messaging.

Design a Useful Website

You need functionality and aesthetic appeal to get mobile hits for your website.

With desktop computer website design, the name of the game has been to make it intricate and multifaceted. However, mobile devices call for a more minimalistic approach.

Make sure that you are designing your website for mobile devices so that you’re able to bring in traffic that will stay.

Aside from general web design processes, make sure you’re learning your crowd and catering to them. The more you know about your audience base, the easier it’ll be to build a site that they gravitate toward.

Focus on Mobile SEO

Choosing search engine optimization keywords that draw in more people will allow you to get plenty of mobile hits.

This is something that must always be monitored since the usefulness of your keywords will change based on Google algorithms and other such trends.

Aside from the keywords, your central focus should be creating the most fantastic content that you can muster. When you give people a reason to check out your site every day they’ll bring in the traffic that you’re looking for.

Constantly publishing this content, such as in the form of a blog, teaches people to check your site in their regular lives. Since mobile use is at approximately 5 billion people, the possibilities for mobile hits are endless with a quality blog.

Start out with some pillar evergreen posts, and make sure that you’re constantly updating it and providing value to your readers.

You should also consider hiring an online marketing company that can give you the best search engine optimization. They can work with your mobile site on a regular basis until you begin getting the hits that will carry you far.

Provide Rich Photo And Video

More than anything, mobile users crave rich multimedia content.

For instance, you can draw more people in pairing your written content with photos and video, than text alone. You’ll be able to bring in more subscribers across platforms as well, making it an excellent strategy for mobile hits.

Be sure to keep your video content brief, leaving your viewers wanting more. Whenever possible, get the help of a professional photographer or videographer in order to put out the highest visual quality that you can.

Stay on top of your content production and be sure that you’re feeding the web with plenty of super multimedia on a regular basis.

Increase Your Subscriber Base

Having a static mobile site isn’t enough to draw in hits.

Instead, you’ll want to do everything you can to get subscribers and followers. There are a lot of ways you can do this — to include RSS feeds, e-mail lists, channel subscribers, bookmarks, and other tips.

When you get people to follow your site content, they’ll be prompted to come back for more, giving you plenty of valuable traffic. This is the type of traffic you’ll always want to grow since it comes from people who want more of what you have to offer.

Subscriptions also let you alert them when you have something new, so you can continuously market to them and provide them with brand new content and information.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is the new battleground for web attention.

More than 70 percent of the world uses Facebook regularly, and several million people regularly use Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other common social media sites.

These sites let you link to your website, which is an incredible way to get more hits.

A social media post can go viral, which will bring you web traffic in huge numbers. Since most people use social media with their mobile devices, you’re always tapped into the attention of the masses.

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

To make sure that you’re continuously getting fresh hits, it pays to keep your website at its best.

Owning a buggy website will put people off and make it difficult for them to enjoy the experience you’re offering.

In addition to hiring web designers, make sure to test the site out yourself on both Android and iPhone devices. This way, you’re always able to catch problems and figure out how you can improve the site.

Uptime is incredibly important for any website, since losing eyes on your site causes you to lose business. Stay up to date with mobile upgrades, so that your site remains accessible.

Use Your Ads Wisely

It’s important for you to purchase the best ads to bring people to your mobile site.

Google provides plenty of ad potential since you can post your site on the front page of search results. Be sure that you’re targeting the right demographics with your advertising, and continuously try out different models.

This way, your site hits will increase and you’ll buy the most effective ads.

Get Professional Help Honing and Growing Your Website

When you need for your mobile website to stay optimized and productive, take the time to reach out to a web professional.

They can help you with search engine optimization, page layout, website monetization and so much more.

Our company prides itself on offering the best mobile website services. Get in touch with us to learn more.