Opening an ASPX file

Did you know that there were almost 1.3 billion websites active in January 2020? That crazy number goes to show how accessible personal, retail, and blog sites and other types of sites have become over the last few years.  If you are a programmer or like to dig into web technology, you have probably come across an ASPX file. Learning about this file format can help you to understand more about how file servers and the internet in general works.  If you find yourself asking what is an ASPX file, why not read our in-depth guide below to find out the answer? What is an ASPX file?Read More →

Searching for Local Listing Services Visualized by an Enter Key

How many ways are there to market your business? There are countless ways to get your business out there, from going door to door to get your company all over social media. One of the tried and true ways of getting found is to get into local directory listings. These listings can help your business get found when people are searching for your business. They can also help your business in a variety of ways. Read on to learn more about the different local listing services and how your business can benefit from using them. What is a Local Listing? What is a local listing?Read More →

laptop on desk

There are so many tools that every Macbook Pro comes with that help people become more efficient or save them money on programs. We want to help everyone by showing them our best Macbook Pro tricks and programs for anyone to use. Whether it’s as simple as taking a fast screenshot or logging into someone else’s computer, a Macbook Pro provides everything someone would need for any situation. Save some time and money by reading these tips and picking up a Macbook Pro for any personal or business needs! Take a Quick Screenshot One of the most useful keyboard shortcuts on a Mac is CommandRead More →

files of paper on shelf

There are many reasons to want to strive for a paperless office. In fact, the dream of a paperless office has been with us as long as computers and the promise of a digital future have been around. Today, it can really be a reality. A paper-free office can allow you to chuck the filing cabinet and have a lot more room to operate. No more clutter. It can help you be organized, find files easier, and even help the environment. There are so many reasons why a paper-free office is the way to go. But how can you achieve it? Read on and we’llRead More →

falling asleep at work

Unbelievably, 2 out of 5 people don’t get enough sleep every night. As a result, you may have trouble with falling asleep at work. When you are sleepy at work, a whole host of problems can and will arise. When you go to work tired you are far less alert, social, and overall productive. Luckily, there are a variety of ways that you can boost your energy and stay awake at work, even if your job can get a tad boring. We are going to explore ways that you can combat fatigue and become an all-star employee. We promise it’s easier than you think! GetRead More →

coding language on computer screen

Coding is a kind of language that is becoming more prevalent with each passing year. More schools teach coding to students than ever before and its importance is only going to keep growing. That’s why it’s a good idea to jump into learning code as soon as possible. When you first approach the topic, it’s a little overwhelming. There are many different coding languages, so which one is the best coding language to learn first? Keep reading to learn more about the ones you should take a look at as a beginner. Python Python is one of the best programming languages to learn if you’veRead More →