Why a Marketing Automation Strategy Will Help You Conquer Social Media

marketing automation strategy

Owning a business doesn’t equate to having a lot of free time. A business owner not only has to run the business, they have to ensure there is new business coming in.

That means developing a strong marketing strategy. Social media is now an integral part of marketing.

Yet, social media can cause a lot of issues if a business owner doesn’t know what they’re doing. But implementing an effective marketing automation strategy can help.

Here’s why.

It Saves Time

Social media can do a lot for a business. Unfortunately, it can also suck a lot of time out of the day.

The average person currently spends 50 minutes on social media each day. While that’s great because that means it’s a great place to advertise, it’s not when that time might also be taken up by an employee.

Implementing a marketing automation strategy saves time. On average, it can save a business upwards of six hours each week.

It also stops a person from having to perform repetitive tasks. But automation goes one step further, it eliminates the possibility of mistakes being made. Mistakes that can take a lot of time to fix.

There is also a ton of resources available by using automation software — resources that can save a lot of time and help the company bring in a lot of new and repeat business.

Case in point, when a company goes one step further and automates their outreach and follow-up e-mails, their reply rate increases by 250%.

It Saves Money and Makes Money

Finding new clients isn’t cheap. It actually costs a company five times more money to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one.

Using marketing automation reduces the lead conversion time because the sales process has become much more efficient.

When a company doesn’t have a marketing automation strategy in place, they’re spending more money than is necessary.

Money is wasted on repetitive tasks and mistakes. But without a strategy in place, there is also a lack of organization and no process.

It Supplies a Lot of Important Analytics

No marketing automation strategy would be complete without checking out the data. That’s where marketing automation shines.

There is a ton of data within that a company can benefit from. The data will show how successful a campaign is, which can lead to creating changes to make it more successful.

The data can show exactly who is responding to the marketing efforts. That data can then be used to directly target similar groups of people who share the same qualities as those currently responding to the campaign.

The stats also are shown in real time. That means if a current campaign is failing, a company can easily spot the red flags before too much money has been spent.

A Marketing Automation Strategy Means Consistent Postings

Sometimes an ad appears on TV that is simply annoying. Even worse, it’s featured all the time.

Yet, that ad also gets stuck in people’s minds. That’s because the advertisers are being consistent.

Every strategy must contain consistency. A marketing automation strategy is no different.

Social media thrives on people consistently posting interesting material. Otherwise, no one would bother visiting social media.

They visit because they want to know who has posted what lately. It’s vital for a company to post regularly to keep in the forefront of their consumer’s minds.

It’s also a great way to have their postings be shared and reach new potential customers. With automation, it’s easy to be consistent.

In fact, it can be done ahead of time so a marketing professional can just set up a campaign and let it run without having to post several times a day. It saves time and ensures that someone won’t forget to post.

Marketing automation also works on a blog. When a visitor comes for the first time, it’s easy to set up a call to action to sign up for the newsletter. It takes moments for this to be set up and is set for however long the company wishes to keep the call to action on their site.

Then, when the next newsletter is sent, all newcomers have already been added to the list without an employee having to do anything.

It Enables a Business to Personalize Their Strategy

While a marketing automation strategy can seem like it will take the personality out of a business, the truth is actually the opposite.

Personalization is easy using marketing automation. Simply use one of the personalization tokens to set it up so that their name is in the e-mail.

Since it’s being delivered to them personally, they’re much more likely to open up the e-mail.

Marketing automation also helps by allowing the user to send the right e-mail to the right person at the right time. When someone feels as though the business took the time to do something for them, a customer is much more likely to engage.

It Increases Creativity

It’s hard for creativity to flow when someone is performing the same task day in and day out.

When a company uses an effective marketing strategy that’s automated, it enables those in marketing and sales to begin thinking more creatively. They now have the time to take a look at the analytics and see what is working and what isn’t.

Most people don’t like performing repetitive tasks. It dulls the mind and leads to an increased number of mistakes.

When they are able to think more freely, employees tend to be happier and can then come up with better content strategies for marketing to their consumers.

Can Target Consumers Across Multiple Platforms

Why target consumers on one platform, when it’s possible to market on many platforms?

With automation marketing, it’s easy to reach out to customers both online and offline in a variety of ways during the sales process. It’s possible to use e-mail, texting, and even tweeting within online and mobile platforms.

For offline platforms, automation marketing allows for postcards and even phone calls. Since no two consumers are exactly alike, this is a helpful strategy. Not everyone enjoys receiving a phone call but would love to receive a tweet.

This marketing strategy allows for various platforms to be used in accordance with a consumers preferences.

Always Look for More Ways to Monetize a Website

While marketing automation will definitely increase sales and productivity, there are other ways in which to monetize a website to increase profitability.

It’s easy to figure out how to do it when the right tools are available. Our site is dedicated to helping businesses grow online.

Our blog is always growing, so come back often to learn how to monetize any website for greater profitability.