What’s My Uptime? 10 Handy Tools to Monitor Website Uptime and Downtime

Whenever your website is down, you're missing out on sales and leads. Are you asking youself, 'What's my uptime?' Use these handy tools to find out.

Having a stunning product, service, or message, a beautiful website, and high-quality content are just a few of the keys to success when it comes to launching an online presence.

But even if your website is up and running, your work is far from over. You also need to check and monitor your site’s speed and functionality.

If your website goes down or even just starts lagging, you could begin losing out on visitors to your site, and in turn lose leads and sales, without even realizing it. Even the most patient web surfers won’t last more than a few seconds when load times are lagging.

Whether you’ve just launched a new website or have found yourself wondering whether “is my uptime okay” on an existing site, keep reading. We’re breaking down 10 awesome web monitoring tools that can help you keep your site up and running, so you’ll never experience a dip in visits, leads, or sales.

Paid Options

Keeping your site running properly might seem like just another headache when you’re building a website and keeping it running.

But the reality is that if you aren’t investing time and money into monitoring your site’s performance and keeping it running smoothly, you could be hurting your chances of success.

Every second that your website is down is a moment that you could be losing out on sales. Even if your site is running, if it isn’t running as fast as it should be, you could be missing leads and losing sales.

In fact, studies have shown that web surfers will notice a difference in the speed of two competing websites as short as 250 milliseconds.

If you want your website to succeed, it’s time to invest a little time and money into maintaining your site’s speed and functionality. Here are a few tools that can help with that.

1. Pingdom

If you’re looking for a high-end web monitoring tool with proven success, look no further.

With big-name clients like Apple, Amazon, and Google already using Pingdom, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a service that has every feature that you could ever want.

You’ll get real-time monitoring, access to information about your site’s performance, and more. When something goes wrong, you’ll get an instant alert.

You can even specialize where different alerts get sent. If you have a team running your site, this can be a great way to make sure that issues get fixed by the right person, right away.

2. Montastic

Another time-tested, reliable tool for web monitoring is Montastic. While this service doesn’t have all of the advanced features of Pingdom or other newer tools, it offers all of the basics that the average website needs to run properly.

Montastic offers free versions with a few of their features, as well as advanced paid options starting at just $5 a month.

3. AppBeat

If you want almost constant, real-time monitoring like you’d get with Pingdom, but without the high costs, AppBeat is for you.

Starting at just $1.99 a month, you can get checks at one-minute intervals, so that you’ll know right away when something goes wrong.

4. Uptrends

Like Pingdom, Uptrends comes with a slightly higher price tag. But it also includes tons of features and a beautiful dashboard that’s easy for even beginners to master.

5. Uptime

Don’t let the similar names fool you. While Uptime and Uptrends offer similar services, each has its own pros and cons.

One upside of Uptime is that it has thirty monitoring locations across 5 continents, which means fast response times when your site begins to crash or lag.

Free Tools

While an investment in your site’s speed and function is always worth it, if your site is new or you simply don’t have any funds to invest, you’re in luck.

There are plenty of free web monitoring tools that can help keep you informed of your site’s speed and any downtime. That way you can fix the problem before it affects your leads and sales.

6. PingMySite

If you only have one site and are looking for an effective, cheap way to monitor, PingMySite is the answer.

You’ll never have to worry, “is my uptime effective,” again, because you’ll get a site check once a minute, and SMS, email, or push notification alerts when something’s up.

7. Are My Sites Up?

If you have more than one website and are sick of wondering “is my uptime okay on each site,” this free tool is the answer.

You’ll get free monitoring of up to five sites, with 25 checks a day, for free.

8. HostTracker

If you run a website or blog for your own personal use, you should still pay attention to uptime. But you may not need to sign up for minute-by-minute alerts.

HostTracker monitors your site and provides valuable diagnostic info, but only sends you alerts weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly.

9. WatchSumo

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “why is my uptime record so bad,” and other monitoring tools aren’t giving you answers, WatchSumo can help.

In addition to real-time monitoring, WatchSumo also offers a 24-hour comprehensive report to let you know how your entire website is performing.

10. Happy Apps

If you have apps or databases in addition to your website, Happy Apps can help you monitor everything all with one tool.

You can check up to three websites, and get checks and reports on 5-minute intervals to let you know when something’s wrong.

Improve My Uptime Today

If you’ve found yourself wondering “is my uptime lacking,” it’s time to start working to fix it.

Whether you choose to invest in a paid service or take advantage of a free web monitoring tool, any of these awesome tools can be a great resource for your site or sites.

If you’re new to web monitoring and aren’t sure what you need to look for in the reports and alerts that you’ll receive from these apps and tools, click here to learn everything you need to know about performance data.