4 Ways to Sell Unusual Products

unusual products

In the world of e-commerce, you’re always going to come across some unusual products.

It’s a fact of life – some products are more niche than others. That doesn’t make them bad, it just means it takes a bit more skill and salesmanship to get them to sell.

Have you found yourself with such a product? Don’t panic! We can help you out!

Read on for our tips on how to sell unusual products.

1. Pinpoint the Target Market

No matter the product, no matter how strange, every product has a target market. Your primary goal when trying to sell an unusual product is to tap into that market and its end-users.

Finding your niche will boost confidence in your product and its ability to sell, too.

Consider doing some market research. It’s a crucial means of understanding your customer’s needs and wants, especially in a market you don’t yet understand or have much experience in yet.

The internet is the greatest tool in your arsenal for reaching your target market. Places like Reddit are great for this. However, you can also try tapping into your personal network to hear what they think of targeted email marketing.

You can get feedback from end-users on how to improve packaging and products features should they have any thoughts or improvements they would add. This feedback can help you in your next step, too.

2. Expand to a Wider Market

With any feedback you have accumulated in mind, think about refining your product’s branding and packaging to potentially reach out to a wider market.

Most importantly, assess whether your product would appeal to a broader market, or whether it is exclusively niche.

Make sure you have your facts straight, too. You should know your product’s unique profit margin, and be able to highlight its key benefits and what features and services it can offer customers. You must also keep a proven sales record.

You will need to brush up and be confident with all these numbers and facts before you can confidently begin pitching to wholesalers or independent businesses.

3. Embrace the Strange

Just take a product like the whizzinator, for instance. It totally embraces its uniqueness and boldly sells itself by highlighting the service it provides.

Its website reflects the saucy side of the product. It’s dark and edgy, reflecting the product’s explicit nature. However, as any good product page should do, it also showcases the various customizable options available.

With the right branding and belief, your unusual products will sell themselves.

4. Exposure and Social Sharing

A lot of novelty products can only find their audience through exposure. Consider setting up a multimedia marketing campaign to get the word out.

As it’s often said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. However, with this in mind, make sure you know what you want people to take in about your product.

Is it funny? Is it outrageous, would it make an amazing and unusual gift? Viral social media marketing campaigns.

Some of the best social media campaigns this year played to people’s sense of humor and generated memes and inside jokes. Others tugged at people’s heartstrings.

What kind of reaction is your product capable of eliciting, and more importantly, how do you want it to make people feel? Find this, use it, and work with it!

Ready to Sell Your Unusual Products?

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how to sell your unusual product.

Just because something is a little out there, doesn’t mean someone out there won’t love it.

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