7 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Strategist

social media strategist

Are you or your company about to embark on a digital marketing campaign?

Maybe you’ve given some thought to social media, and you just can’t see the point in bringing in some “professional” who says they can do it all.

A little skepticism is healthy — we understand that. The truth is, though, hiring a social media strategist can mean more than just a few benefits for your company’s marketing.

Join us, today, as we run down our top seven reasons why it’s always better to leave this kind of work to a professional.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s a tale as old as time: you have to spend money to make money.

This is as true for social media strategies as anywhere else.

Hiring a social media expert means an opportunity to pay less for ads, for starters. Customers report decreases in Facebook ads budgets by up to 25% after changing to a professional strategist.

What is it that makes all the difference? An understanding of how these platforms work. Where most people see social media as a fun way to waste time, specialists use sales, analytics and special tools to save you money.

And, while we’re on the topic of analytics

Measurable Results

One of the chief concerns with any online marketing campaign is measurements.

As a business owner, you need to know if January’s hits were up from Decembers, and how they compared to January and December of last year. You want to know how they stack up against other businesses in your industry.

And, if you’re moving your social media management over to a professional, after handling it yourself, you want to know if those numbers are better.

A good social media strategist understands analytics and their impact on ROI. They can report on the correlation between “Likes” and “Upvotes” in a way that wouldn’t be obvious to the casual Facebook user or Redditer.

Network marketing and MLMs often use social media as a key part of their strategy. As a result, a strategist can be very helpful. Those in this business area can also find excellent training at Yoobly.

While social media may be accessible, it takes a professional to quantify it so you can get better use out of it.

You Don’t Like Doing It

…enough to be a social media strategist, yourself, at least.

While it’s true that social media has become a way of life for people around the world in recent years, for most people, it’s the marketing that gets people.

It’s a common trend for business owners to report under-utilizing their social media marketing. It makes sense – this is an easy field to brush off as silly or “unprofessional”.

That said, there’s no arguing against the impact it’s had in online marketing, in recent years. If you don’t see why your business needs social media marketing, bringing on a specialist can actually help to illuminate you. Or, at worst, just to let somebody else handle the “why”, while you concentrate on running your business.

If you don’t see why your business needs anything more than word of mouth to do its marketing, bringing on a specialist can actually help to illuminate you.

And, if you see the benefits of this kind of marketing, but just don’t feel like mastering it, why pretend? Outsource the process and let a full-time professional carry your social media banner.

Saves Time

Running a business is a full-time job.

So is maintaining an active social media profile. Updating, responding, and working within the latest industry trends means a lot of time out of your day spent in front of Instagram or Twitter.

The best things take time to get right, and social media requires a certain amount of planning.

Social media strategists schedule posts, research content, and respond to followers on your behalf.

Remember: if your social media presence isn’t consistent, it’s not useful to you or anybody else. If you don’t have time to commit to it, you’re better off hiring someone dedicated to the job.

Their Content Has Value

The first mistake many people make is thinking that because social media is easy to use is that it’s easy to use well. It may be hard to hear, but regardless of how good your message is, the way you put it on social media might just not be worth anybody’s time.

It’s not your fault. There are ways these things are written — certain terms, tricks, and audiences with better ROI, depending on how you use them.

A social media strategist can use the content from your website to create posts that have meaning and value to your readers. They create posts that are authentic sounding, with information that people want to hear, and they do it all in an engaging way.

Leveraging Social Networks

Audiences have a huge role to play in whether your social media campaign works or not. It’s not a question of whether you’re speaking to the right people, but the time of day, what media and hashtags you used, and a dozen other factors.

Social media strategy work brings all of this into play.

Strategists can create entire rollout plans for how your content is released. A certain number of posts to feature infographics. A certain number to go out life, in response to developing trends.

This kind of meticulous planning means a more comprehensive coverage of all the social network functions, so you get the best results.

Conserves Resources

Social media marketing is more common among businesses now than it’s ever been.

In a working environment, where every staffer has their place, it doesn’t pay to spread your workforce out too thinly. And social media, as we’ve mentioned, takes time to do right. Dedicate the process to one division, with a specific strategist, and let the rest of your workforce do the jobs they were brought on to do.

Keep in mind: social media marketing is a real industry, with a lot of depth to it. Don’t try to brush it off, or you might find your campaign lacking in the results you’re looking for from it.

Focusing the work on one strategist will help you to keep your other departments on the work you actually need them for.

Discover The Benefits Of A Social Media Strategist Today

While social media marketing is a cornerstone of many business operations today, not everybody uses it properly.

Bringing on a social media manager is the quickest way to get in touch with the huge potential online audiences available to you.

Interested in learning more about using social media strategies to improve your marketing? Want to know more about why it’s always better to outsource? Read more of our blog to discover the benefits of various marketing strategies for your business.