7 Latest Online Money Making Opportunities to Grow Your Revenue

latest online money making opportunities

Are you curious about how to jumpstart your online revenue?

Every day, more and more opportunities to make money online arise. You can easily generate a full-time income working from home if you know where to look.

It may feel intimidating jumping into the world of online money making, but anyone can do it.

Read on to learn about the latest online money making opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of in this new year.

1. Sell through Third Party Sellers Like Amazon and Etsy

Amazon and Etsy have both been around for quite some time, but they’re growing even more in 2018. These marketplaces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When it comes to the latest online money making opportunities, selling through third-party sellers will always be at the top of the list!

If you’ve got a product to sell, jump on board one of these sites. Not only is it incredibly easy to set up your own store, but you also have the huge advantage of leaping into a massive market.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors use Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, and beyond on a daily basis.

What’s more, they visit these sites with a specific need. Someone may visit Etsy, for example, to shop for a birthday gift for their best friend. Or they may drop by Amazon to pick up some mascara or a Kindle.

You’ll immediately be accessing a niche market when you sell through Etsy or Amazon. Plus, you can take advantage of their built-in marketing. For example, you can invest in showcased items, paid ads, and more.

Once you set up your shop, you’ll ibe searchable for your products and available to a global marketplace.

2. Jump into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may sound like something you need a degree for, but this couldn’t be farther from the case.

It simply involves promoting another business’s product on your blog or website. When people buy the product, you get a cut of the profits.

Affiliate marketing could mean writing product reviews, incorporating other company ads on your site, or building affiliate links into your content. You can even sell ad space on your blog to boost your affiliate work. See our guide for more info on affiliate marketing.

This business model may take a little bit of maneuvering at the start, but once it’s up and running, you’ll be earning a passive income.

3. Keep up That Blog

Some people think that blogs are so 2015, but blogging is only growing this coming year. When it comes to the latest online money making opportunities, starting your own blog is key.

You can set up a blogging platform for free in no time using sites like WordPress. Blogging enables you to choose a subject you are passionate about and develop content for it. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home.

When you start a blog on some platforms, you are automatically set up for Google AdSense. This means that your blog will appear in ads. Therefore, you can make money when people click these ads to get to your site.

Blogs give you great space for affiliate marketing too. You can talk up a product or write a review for some added income.

People can make six figures on blogging alone, particularly if they target the right audience. Also, it’s important to promote your site consistently and stay focused.

4. Join UpWork

Becoming a freelance writer is another great way to generate revenue online. Sites like UpWork enable you to quickly establish a profile so that businesses and companies in need of writing work can find you.

In fact, over 1.5 million people use UpWork to find writers. This makes it a great place to start your own freelancing business.

UpWork isn’t the only site for freelance writers. Check out Guru, Elance, and Freelancer.com.

While many of these sites may encourage a solid portfolio to snag clients, don’t let this dissuade you. If you have a blog, you’ve got some great content already. If not, why not start one up?

5. Create a YouTube Channel

Video is still hugely popular these days, and becoming essential to many marketing campaigns. People are hungry for fresh and engaging video content, and you can fill this need.

Creating a YouTube channel and generating a following can quickly rake in cash. You make money based off of the number of views for a single video. Users can also generate dollars by allowing YouTube to include ads at the beginning of their videos.

Anytime someone clicks on an ad that’s part of your video, you’ll get a part of the profit–kind of like affiliate marketing.

The key to making money with YouTube is to target a niche audience, stay fresh with content, and engage your fans.

6. Sell eBooks or E-Materials

When it comes to the latest online money making opportunities, eBooks are a great option. People are consuming more and more material on the go. Thus, the demand for e-books is on the rise.

It’s incredibly easy to set up your own eBook or how-to-guide, provided you write it first!

You can sell them on your own website or other platforms, such as Amazon.

7. Market Your Expertise

At the end of the day, the key to making money online is harnessing what you’re good at. Think about what your expertise is and go from there.

This could mean a blog about rock climbing or an online guide to cooking vegetarian food. It may involve hosting webinars about how to make it in the corporate world.

Market what you’re good at and you’ll always find a cash flow.

Latest Online Money Making Opportunities

There are so many options to generate an income through online opportunities that sometimes it may feel difficult to know where to start. Luckily, it doesn’t take a brainiac to make a full-time income off of the internet.

Consider affiliate marketing or starting up a blog. Jump into the eBook industry or start up a freelance writing career. Sell your products on Amazon or Etsy, and always think about what you’re good at.

Marketing your expertise is the best way to develop a following, make money online, and initiate the career you’re dreaming of.

Inspired to create your own online platform or website so you can take advantage of the latest online money making opportunities? Check out our advice at iStats.com on building a competitive and successful website!