7 B2B Email Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

b2b email marketing

Did you know, that B2B email marketing is the third most influential source of information for audiences?

The power of the inbox is not one to be trifled with!

These marketing ideas will help you master the art of the inbox and increase conversions.

1. Begin with a Bang

It begins with a subject line.

Subject lines determine whether or not a user is going to open an email. Opt for a short, funny subject line to draw your readers in.

Incorporating emojis into your subject line is a fun, creative way to draw readers in and keep them clicking.

2. Keep It Short

Now is not the time to write a novella.

Get right to the point and keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Draw the reader in with concise details and the main event.

Try beginning your email with a thought-provoking quote or eye-popping statistic.

3. Develop a Clean Design

A clean design that’s easy on the eyes will keep users from clicking out and moving your email to the trash.

If you have several details to cover, try segmenting each topic in clean, clear compartments.

Part of a clean design is ensuring that the emails are actually, ya know, working. Reliable computer network support is imperative to track statistics, package your emails properly, and give you a support system for any issues.

4. Time It Well

The time of day you send your email will be a factor in your success. Do some test email marketing runs to determine which day and time you are seeing the most click-through success.

Do a little research, as well! According to Hubspot, 11 AM (EST) has the highest click-through rate.

Use some common sense when scheduling out your email campaigns. For example, don’t send out your campaign 4 PM on a Friday afternoon when everyone’s packing up and getting ready for the weekend.

5. Content With A Purpose

Write with a purpose, not just to fill the space.

Consider your own email inbox. Think of how much junk mail you receive every hour.

When a potential customer deigns to click the email, draw them in and reward them with creative, well-written content that gets right to the point.

6. Creative Call-To-Action

Creative call-to-actions (CTAs) is the conversion point in your email. Gone are the days where a simple “Buy Now” button would do the trick. Today, you need to be a little more creative for an effective CTA.

Provide value with a free promotion, guide, or trial. The goal is to pass the baton: get the user to the landing page and then let the website finish the job!

7. Land on the Gold

A great B2B email marketing campaign is not complete without a great landing page. You cannot expect to make the big bucks if you’re sending your users to a lackluster page.

Ensure that the design and content align with your email campaign. Use a similar design style for familiarity and to increase conversion.

The conversion point on your landing page should use similar, if not the same, messaging as the email.

Last, but certainly not least, test, test, test! Does the page take too long to load? Is the CTA lost below the fold? Before you send the email to your large customer list, make sure your landing page is going for the gold!

The Secret to B2B Email Marketing

The secret to successful email marketing lies in testing, creativity, and building a great email list.

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