Top 7 Marketing Tips for Hospitals

hospital marketing

When it comes to hospitals, people want it to be a place they can trust. If you’re thinking you can get away without any kind of hospital marketing, think again.

The reason why is because marketing will help improve your brand’s reputation. You want people to choose to come to your hospital and not because it’s the only one nearby.

It’s more than advertising on TV. Having a thorough marketing plan will help set you up for long-term success.

Ready to improve your brand?

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Have a Responsive Website

Your website is often times a person’s first impression of your hospital. When it’s not an emergency and they can take time to research, they’ll go online.

They want to know if you have the best healthcare available. Not only does that mean providing useful information but also having a fast website.

People want their information quickly. Make sure all webpages download quickly and there are no redirects to a broken link.

Content Creation

As said above, you want to provide useful information right on your website. When it comes to hospital marketing, there’s plenty of roads to take.

For instance, you can start a blog. Then, writing posts that help answer patient’s questions will help build your reputation.

They’ll see you as more than a hospital. They’ll see your brand as an authoritative figure in your category.

You can also use that as a way to introduce new technology. For example, someone could write a post about preclinical imaging.

Use Social Media

Nowadays, online communication reigns supreme. People are using social media platforms to connect with like-minded people and brands.

When they research you online, guess what else will pop up? Your profiles.

If you don’t have any, you might want to consider creating some. This is a great way for patients to inquire about appointments and procedures.


People want to be where others are. A good way to inform others that this is where their friends and family go is to rack up testimonials.

It can also be the deciding factor for a patient who can’t decide between your hospital and another’s. When others say good things about a company, it encourages other people to want to go.

Host a Giveaway

The quickest way to build a reputation is to give something away. People love free stuff, right?

When you combine that in exchange for an email address, you’ll quickly gain new patients. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either.

You can give away a wellness magazine subscription or a gift basket.

Enhance Patient Care

Having a great brand is essential. But it’s more than having a fancy logo and a big building.

Make the patients remember their experience by providing good service. Having excellent service can easily turn a bad memory into a good one.

Don’t Forget Internal Hospital Marketing

A lot of marketing today is done online. To turn the tables, have your staff be excited to work.

When they’re happy where they are, they’ll talk more about the hospital. They can provide their patients with more information about the good things you do.

Wrapping Up

Marketing can be hard. The key is to stay consistent and to always provide value in some way.

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