5 Online Marketing Basics for Breaking into a New Niche

marketing basics

Are you breaking into a new niche of business and having a hard time translating your marketing campaigns over?

That’s because niche marketing is a whole different ballgame. Marketing basics just won’t cut it anymore. There are certain tools and strategies that need to be employed to reach your much smaller (and much sharper) audience.

Keep reading to learn what exactly they are.

PPC Advertising

For most marketing strategies, PPC ads are a thing of the past. For niche marketing, though, it makes sense.

When it comes to PPC advertising, it can be hard to keep up with big competition with a large, shared target audience. If your target audience is truly niche, however, your odds of getting their click suddenly just became a lot better. They won’t care about whether you’re big or small, just that you’re exactly what they need.

Get Specific

A huge aspect of niche marketing is maintaining past customers. This is definitely on the list of marketing basics, but when it comes to niche marketing, it’s more focused on.

You don’t have a huge target audience to turn into leads. You’ve got a fraction of that. So whoever you can land as a customer, it’s important to value their business like a bar of gold.

Send targeted emails to customers based on their purchase history. Ask if they’re satisfied. Use this forum to recommend their next favorite product.

Basically, treat them like they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Reward Them

Another great way to keep your current customers is to set up a rewards system. Do you have a membership or incentive program in place? Nothing keeps a customer coming back better than the promise of something free on their horizon.

This is a great way to spread the word about how awesome your company is, too. Since your market is so small, word-of-mouth can go a long way.

Forge Ties

Speaking of word-of-mouth, you should be encouraging it by supporting community-building around your service or product. Even if there’s no physical community to speak of, this concept can be as simple as sharing user-generated content during your social media campaigns.

Consider coming up with a creative hashtag for your customers to tag your product or service with. This’ll make it easier for others within your niche to find you. It’ll also make sure there are tons of casual, authentic endorsements for your business at your potential customers’ fingertips.

Post Quality Content

Nothing turns a lead away faster than a fluffy sentence. Consumers are getting smarter and smarter. And they will be able to tell if your content is cookie-cutter, unhelpful, and written to meet a word count.

Make sure that everything you write within your marketing campaign has these question in mind: how does this help my target audience? Is this valuable information? Am I answering a question, or helping in any other way?

Check out how specific the blog topics are for these 3D Laser Scanning Services. They’re sure to answer any question their extremely niche audience may have.

Establishing this trust with your customer base is essential. Quality content is at the top of the list of marketing basics.

From Marketing Basics to Marketing Expert

Now that you’ve got the skinny on niche marketing techniques, do you know what else you need to be doing to operate a successful marketing campaign?

If the answer is no, read up.