5 SEO Tips and Tricks You Need to Thrive in 2018

seo tips and tricks

Understanding the way SEO works is a constant effort. One day, you’re adjusting to a recent algorithm update and the next, you realize there’s a new tool available to make your efforts much easier and more effective. Or, you may realize you’ve been making one too many SEO mistakes.

The industry is ever-changing and always challenging you to improve. Thankfully, there are plenty of SEO tips and tricks available to help you do just that!

To get the best rankings possible this year, do the following five things.

1. Recycle Good Content

Chances are, you’ve had your website for a while and there’s a good amount of posts on your social media pages already, too. Use them. These are great pieces of content you can recycle and present as new all over again.

Turn an insightful Instagram caption into a brand-new blog post, or dig up an old blog and include it as part of this month’s content calendar for your Facebook account. Maybe even do a fun #TBT to get users even more engaged with the content.

2. Improve Your CTAs

Speaking of engaging your audience, check how effective your CTAs are at the moment. SEO tricks can only bring so much traffic to your site. From there, you need the right CTAs to seel the deal.

Take a close look at the wording you use and the placement of action buttons used for purchases and/or opt-ins. A few adjustments here and there may be the difference between the bounce rates you’ve been seeing lately and the conversions you’re looking for.

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3. Do Some A/B Testing

As you’re fine-tuning your CTAs, take a look at your site as a whole. Is it time for a re-design? Do you need something a little more on-trend to reach consumers?

Whatever changes you want to make, don’t finalize anything without some A/B testing. This allows you to see which design really is the best. It’s not a matter of going with your gut or just being on-brand; A/B testing provides real data from consumers to clearly tell you what the best choice really is.

4. Start Using Video

Here’s another thing you can use to create a better SEO presence: video content. That’s right, custom graphics and professional photos aren’t enough anymore.

Video blogs are becoming more and more popular, as are podcasts and voice search. If you already have blog content written out, start creating videos that supplement them. Then, make a few videos that focus on fresh, new material you haven’t covered yet.

5. Offer New Items of Value

New, relevant content will always be essential to SEO. It doesn’t matter if you’re making old content look new or if you’re coming up with something from scratch, you have to keep publishing material users want to see.

But, you don’t always have to do it on a blog (or vlog) or social media. It might be time to offer something to your users, even if it’s a simple freebie. Create an online course that deep-dives into a hot topic in your industry right now, or write a short piece to give out to your audience via email.

Such items offer consumers the information they’re looking for in a way that sets you apart as an authority. You can use this tool to leverage your brand, generate more leads, or to promote other products you offer.

Applying SEO Tips and Tricks for Optimum Results

It’s time to start seeing SEO in a new light. There’s no benefit in doing the same things you’ve always done if you’re trying to increase your rankings and generate more sales. You have to be innovative to reach these goals, which current SEO tips and tricks help you do.

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