5 Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Tricks You Should Use

ecommerce marketing

Are you looking to grow and scale your e-commerce store?

Whether you’re just starting out or have built successful online stores, ecommerce marketing is constantly changing. This can make it difficult to stay ahead of your competition.

Read on to learn 5 actionable ecommerce marketing tricks that can help you grow your customer base and bring in more sales!

1. Leverage Instagram

Did you know that Instagram has an average order value of $65? That’s a higher order value than Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

If you have products that are branded well, Instagram is a platform that you need in your sales tactics toolkit.

By using strong imagery, appropriate hashtags, and a content schedule, you’ll be on your way to growing an engaged following on Instagram that will buy!

2. Facebook Ads

If you need to drive consistent traffic to your store at an affordable price, look no further than Facebook advertising.

On Facebook’s advertising platform, you can laser target your ideal customer and serve them ads.

Create an ad that speaks to their needs, wants, fears, and goals and you’ll increase your sales in no time.

Quick tip: Before driving traffic on Facebook, make sure your store is optimized and looks great! Take some examples from Cotswold Web eCommerce on how to build a great looking online store.

3. Retargeting Madness

Speaking of Facebook advertising, you should take advantage of a simple retargeting trick to boost your e-commerce marketing. We’ll call this strategy the abandon cart retargeting campaign.

Start by installing the Facebook pixel on your product pages, on the add to cart landing page, and on the order confirmation page.

If someone abandons their order before confirming the purchase, you can serve them an ad on Facebook reminding them to complete their order.

Boost your conversions by offering a 10% discount in the ad and you’ll see your purchases skyrocket.

4. Always Have an Upsell

One of the key sales tactics in ecommerce marketing is upselling.

In order to increase the average cart value of each purchase, you’ll want to incorporate upsells into your business.

For example, if you own an apparel brand, you could offer an order bump when someone buys a t-shirt. You could offer a second shirt in a different color at 50% off or another product (such as a hat) to complement it.

5. Follow Up with Your Customers

Last but not least, you should be aiming to build real relationships with your customers.

Build relational customers, not just one-time-purchase transactional customers.

How do you do this? Follow up with them using targeted email marketing!

Offer them special deals and discounts, let them know updates about your business, and let them into your world.

Doing so will increase the lifetime value of each customer that comes to your store!

Ramp Up Your Ecommerce Marketing!

With these 5 strategies in your back pocket, you have a foundation in ecommerce marketing and the skills to build a successful online store!

One final tip: Don’t get overwhelmed! Have a tactical marketing plan so that you can implement and test strategies to find what works for you.

Looking for more tips on promoting your ecommerce business? Our blog covers topics ranging from content marketing and social media to SEO and more!