The Top 10 Benefits of Video Marketing in 2018

video marketing

With the average small business set to spend $75,000 on digital marketing this year, you need to be spending your money wisely. If you’re investing in pay-per-click ads or less effective modes of promotion, you could be wasting valuable capital. Once you get to know the benefits of video marketing, you could be making high-impact content that connects with your audience in a unique way.

If you’re wondering how video can help your business in the coming fiscal year, here are 6 ways video marketing can work for you.

1. Social Media Attention

When you add videos to your social media profile, you’re sure to get attention. Videos get more views and clicks than text posts, still images, or even images with text added. When you’re thinking of new ways to create content, you should start with this low-cost venture.

Thanks to the new “stories” feature on Instagram and Facebook, you can string a series of short videos together. This encourages companies and brands to think fast and communicate directly. You can’t make long-winded posts on this medium so you’re sure to get views without worrying about people getting bored.

Social media privileges the moving image. It can stop people mid-scroll.

Add subtitles for an extra bump in viewership. More social media channels are encouraging subtitles so that viewers don’t have to pause their music to see what your video is about. Once the first couple of lines hit them, they can then click on your video to learn more.

2. Video Is The Future

In just a few years, video is set to comprise over 80% of all traffic online. If you’re not producing videos, your competitors are going to leave you behind. So will your audience.

With the availability of HD videography on phones and tablets, it’s gotten easier to make great videos. Use a free or trial version of an editing software to get the hang of making your own videos. You can even use still images with moving text boxes to promote your products and services.

You don’t need a big budget to make great videos. All you need is the energy to make your products and services seem interesting to your audience.

3. Tell A Story

Video allows you to tell the story of your brand and your products and services. When you communicate with your clientele through video, you can tell them more about your products than they would know just visiting your website. You can give them a personal anecdote or highlight the stories of your other customers.

Allow your best customers to contribute to the story. Give them a voice instead of telling everything yourself. When you have people who aren’t associated with the brand directly speaking highly of your products and services, you can earn the trust of potential customers.

Video gives you the ability to show images while someone is giving an endorsement of your products. Your voiceover can underscore images of your products and services at work. You can double down on how great your brand is by telling your audience how things are made and what they can do.

4. Give Your Brand Personality

One thing that every brand needs is a spokesperson who can become associated with the brand. Having someone who is willing to be a model, voice, and everyday user of your products and services lends validity to your brand.

Every brand needs a personality to help stand out from the rest of the pack. Whether it’s Colonel Sanders, the Snapple Lady, or Michael Jordan, having a figurehead at the front of your brand gives a point of origin for your message. Once you’ve got a person who your audience knows and trusts, you can explore the potential of your brand’s voice.

When you choose a main star, you’re choosing the kind of narrative you want your products to tell. You’re deciding that whatever feeling this person inspires is how you want your brand to be seen. While you might try to have some personality in print ads or online promotions, it’s the video of your spokesperson that will truly win over

5. Show, Don’t Tell

Every brand wants to tell their audience that they’re the best option among all the choices around. No brand is telling you a list of pros and cons. Most companies are trying to tell consumers that they’re the answer to all of life’s problems.

Rather than try to slog in the uphill struggle of arguing why you’re so great, use video to show your products in action. If you’re a massage studio, you can show the techniques and methods that you use. If you’re an energy drink, you can show people in a race running with your gear and drinking your products.

Don’t be shy about showing your audience what your products can do.

6. Do Digital Walkthroughs

Depending on the kind of industry you’re in, you could be offering digital walkthroughs or “how-tos” in video form. Digital walkthroughs of people using your products could help to show how easy a once complicated task could be.

If you’re in the construction or development industry, digitally rendered walkthroughs can help to sell your units before they’re completed. Many people may not be able to visit the site if they’re investing from abroad. Take advantage of the high quality of video you can get from drone videography to show people all around the new site.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing Will Increase

The number of benefits of video marketing will continue to become clear as more marketing research is done on social media and content marketing. As long as you’re creating lots of high-quality content, you’ll be positioned to take advantage of this growing market. If you’re not making videos in the coming years, you’re not making a difference.

Once you’ve created lots of great content, you should learn about marketing automation so that you can make every move a strategic move.