Why is Social Media the Best Tool For Growing Your Business?

growing your business

There are a lot of people on social media, and your business should be there also. According to Statista, in 2017 there were 2.46 billion social media users in the world. This number is expected to grow each year.

If you are interested in growing your business online, social media will definitely be a part of your marketing strategy. For online businesses it is a must-have. The potential to reach new audiences is endless.

Some business owners may feel overwhelmed by the thought of taking on new tasks. If your budget allows, you can hire a freelance social media specialist. With the added business you can gain, the expense will more than pay for itself.

Continue reading for the best tools and social media tips for businesses.

It Is an Important Part of Your Brand

Building a reliable brand for your product or service is critical in this digital driven world. One important component is your social media presence.

Using social media to grow your business provides brand recognition. It gives visibility you otherwise may not receive via traditional advertising in print media and mailings.

Social media also provides direct links to your website and independent landing pages. By incorporating links into your social media posts you are increasing traffic and one step closer to converting sales.

You Can Find Your Target Audience

Social media sites for business are not designed for all businesses. You will need to visit a few to determine which ones will add the best value to your marketing goals.

Popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Each site has its own demographics. In 2016, studies showed that the most active users on Shapchat each day were aged 13-17. This is important if your business provides service for ages 34 – 49.

Having a clear picture of your target audience is crucial to your online success.

You Can Utilize Customer Loyalty for Growing Your Business

Utilizing customer loyalty works well on business social media sites. Chances are, your existing customers are already on social media. Why not utilize the established relationship to promote your business.

It is easier than you may think. Simply create enticing posts that may or may not offer incentives. Each site has rules about offering incentives for likes and shares so make sure you have read them.

One way to get around the rules if you are new to Facebook and have not built a huge following is via your loyal customers. Create incentives in your brick and mortar, or online store offering customers discounts for liking your business page.

Once your audience begins to grow, create an engaging post and ask followers to tag friends if they found the content useful.

People Are More Likely To Engage

When someone receives an advertisement in the mail, they immediately know someone is trying to sell something. If the ad does not offer a product they are in immediate need of, chances are it will be tossed into the trash.

Individuals on social media are engaging with content that appears on their timelines. How social media helps business is people view their posts as content and not advertising.

When done right, your posts blend into the flow of posts from family and friends. With the right images and videos, a person is more likely to focus on the content.

The more someone sees your content, the more likely they are to like your page. When they are in need of your service or someone asks for a recommendation, they will think of your business.

Social Media Can Cost Much Less Than Print Advertising

When you create print media, you’re forced to order physical copies, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars. Once the order arrives you are pretty much stuck with the finished product. You can use it until the inventory is depleted or take a loss.

Ad Promotions are now available on most social media sites for business owners to utilize. The great aspect of social media is that post promotions are relatively inexpensive. With insights, businesses can see how the ad is performing in real time. You can tweak the ad based on results, or stop it altogether.

Opportunities are increased when it comes to growing your business because you can now afford to run multiple digital marketing campaigns simultaneously. Experiment with different ideas and use them across multiple social media platforms.

Social Media Can Get You Recognized Off-line

Social media isn’t just about an online presence. You can use it for networking opportunities in your community and around the world.


Social media has the potential to expose your brand to people from all walks of life. With a bit of luck, it could get your brand in front of industry influencers. These are not celebrities, but well respected individuals whose opinions matter.

Gaining free publicity is how to use social media to grow your business effectively. The power of engaging and professional looking posts can have far reaching effects.


Another catch is to share on your social media pages any time you are involved in community events or sponsoring a non-profit’s fundraiser. The media often show-up to these events and can add to your exposure.

This is also one way to show your page is not all about selling and leads to better engagement with subscribers.

Your Competitors Are Using It So Why Not Give It a Try

Now that you know all the benefits of social media when t comes to growing your business, why not give it a try. Chances are your competitors are already growing their reach with these simple tools.

It is easy to get started and only cost what you are willing to invest. The possibilities are endless and technically, it places everyone on a level playing field. Potential buyers are waiting to discover your brand.

With over two billion users on social media can you afford not to give it a try?