How to Make Money with Google Adsense: 8 Simple Tips

how to make money with google adsense

Ads. To a user, they might seem annoying, but they’re a blogger’s bread and butter. Programs like Google Adsense allow content creators to profit from their site.

But, it’s no get-rich-quick-scheme.

Using Google Adsense requires a plan, patience, and hard work. Plus, you have to conform to Google’s rules. If you don’t, they’ll dam up your revenue stream.

Don’t worry, though. We’re going to show you how to make money with Google Adsense. With these eight tips, you’ll earn more in no time!

Read the Rules

Before we go further, you need to know something: Google monitors everything. By using AdSense, you give Google permission to track what you do.

It sounds like a big brother scheme, but Google’s primary focus is the user. They want to give users answers to their questions, not subject them to spam.

As long as your site adheres to the rules, you’ll make money. To make sure you do, read the AdSense terms and conditions.

Here, you’ll find payment information and compliance standards. Read each carefully. It’s easy to violate the rules, and Google is unforgiving.

They’ll send you a warning first. After that, Google cuts you off.

So, know the rules and keep your site in Google’s good graces. That way, you can profit.

Make Sure It’s Necessary

Not every site needs ads. You have to understand your audience to know when and where to place them.

For example, if you offer niche-specific advice–like tech–your audience likely won’t interact with your ad. Why? They want to get their information and leave.

Ads with no clicks make no money. Why waste the effort?

Instead, focus your ads on sites built to drive sales. Your audience is already looking to buy. They’ll interact with ads that help them get what they want.

Put It in The Right Place

As every chess master knows, positioning is critical. You’ll want your ads placed where users will click on them.

Ads at the top of the page, known as above the fold, do better than those below the fold. Why? It’s right in front of the user.

They can see it better and will be more likely to click it. Adsense can also provide you with link-based ads.

These ads highlight text in your post and link them to relevant sites. It appears in a different color, mimicking an external link.

Just be careful. Google has cracked down on link-based ad scammers. They’ve demoted or eliminated them. Make sure you deal with legitimate advertisers.

Use Bigger Ads

Size matters in digital advertising. More space equals more advertiser competition. More competition equals more money for you.

The sweet spot is the 336×280 large rectangle. It can fit richer media like video. Google also recommends using 300×250, 728×90, 300×600, and 320×100.

Which size to use depends on your site. The ad should complement your page. A little trial and error should help you determine what works.

Incorporate Text and Images

We’ve mentioned text-based ads in the form of links. But you can also combine them with image-based ads.

Having both further increases competition, meaning more money for you.

Avoid SmartPricing

Bigger, well-placed ads, rich with images and video, will net you more revenue, but SmartPricing can take it away. It’s Google’s way of giving back to advertisers.

They get a discount based on your site’s value, determined by click-through-ratio, or CTR. High CTRs have a higher value. Therefore the price-per-click is high. Low CTRs have a lower value. Therefore the price is lower.

Lower prices mean less money for you. It can make the difference between a few cents and a few dollars.

Use the Right Keywords

Keywords are how users find you. But did you know you could make money off them?

Content based around high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords will net you more profit. How?

Well, when an advertiser wants to use a specific keyword, they bid on it. However many clicks the keyword gets is how much they pay.

For example, if Bass Pro Shop wanted to sell more equipment, they might target keywords like “where to buy outdoor equipment” or “camping gear.” They then bid on those keywords. Let’s say it’s $1.25.

Now, every time a user clicks on an ad with that keyword, Bass Pro Shop would pay $1.25. Who gets this money? You if you use CPC ads.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords with a high CPC. Then, create content based on that keyword.

Keep Track of Everything

We’ve thrown a lot at you. It may seem overwhelming, and it will be if you don’t keep track of it all. Google Analytics is your friend here.

It will show you everything: site visits, click through rates, Adsense earnings. You can pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. Then, you can adjust your strategy.

You have to stay flexible to stay ahead of the competition. Hoping for the best won’t bring you success. Google Analytics gives you a way to do just that.

Learn How to Make Money with Google AdSense and More

Passive income isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. Google’s strict rules can cut you off, and if you don’t monitor your site, you could fail.

Learning how to make money with Google AdSense gives you the best chance to succeed. You can develop a strategy and change it as your site grows.