5 Promotion Strategy Tips for a Massage Business

promotion strategy

Between politics and finances, relationships and work, no wonder we’re stressed! Your massage business is part of an industry set to grow by 24 percent by 2026. Thus, it’s essential that you have a strong promotion strategy to handle the competition.

Tried a few things but the strategies had you in knots?

This article shares five inexpensive promotional strategies to thrive and grow.

Creative Ideas for Your Promotion Strategy

The barriers to entering the massage industry are lower than most. Only 43 states require a license. This means you may be in an area where competition is anyone claiming the job title.

You can bet competitors by using whatever bootstrap promotion strategy they’ve come across. Consider these marketing methods:

1. Branded Goodies

Approximately four in 10 Americans use alternative medicine. This includes massage therapy or pain management.

At-home treatments and techniques are paired with professional services. This gives you an excellent branding opportunity by giving away or selling goodies.

Give away goodies displaying your logo, such as stress balls and massage creams. Massage rollers are a good choice too.

These items create exposure for your brand. They also remind customers of your services.

2. Romantic Copy

Examples of romantic copy include:

  • Lovely
  • Beautiful
  • Delightful

Some websites use romantic copy to set expectations. The copy creates an emotional edge to a greater extent than stiff, corporate speak.

An emotional connection leads to a 52 percent increase in customer value. Those considered fully connected account for 37 percent of all profits.

To reap the benefits, add romantic words throughout all marketing materials and channels.

3. Mobile Friendly

Traffic from mobile devices has doubled. There are several ways to leverage mobile usage with promotional efforts.

First of all, create micro-moments. Provide in-demand answers related to your industry and local market.

Next, post local ads. Optimize them for local search queries. The ads could redirect readers to landing pages with coupons and discounts.

Text messages can help too. Send promotional SMS updates to encourage visits.

Remember to optimize your site for mobile devices. Most website themes are now responsive, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission for promoting offers. It’s a way to provide monetary reward for referrals. This increases the incentive for affiliates to share and promote.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Install affiliate program software
  2. Recruit customers to become affiliates
  3. Provide marketing material to help with promotions
  4. Educate affiliates about best practices

Your affiliates will create advertising and marketing campaigns. Their efforts will increase your link building efforts and referrals.

5. Email List

The top brands use email marketing for customer acquisition. Email lists help convert site visitors into paying customers.

They’re easy to set up.

The first step is to sign up for an email marketing provider like Constant Contact or Aweber. Include the opt-in code on your site.

Give a freebie to those who sign up, such as an ebook, email course, or other downloadable materials. Share news, coupons, and content with your subscribers.

Use automation tools to improve your productivity and effectiveness.

In fact, you could leverage the freemium offer (like an ebook) in advertising campaigns.

The ad would point individuals to a landing page with the incentive and opt-in form. Converted visitors will begin receiving promotional emails.

Promote Your Massage Business the Smart Way

As you see, there are plenty of ways to market your massage business. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

We have many articles covering SEO and promotional strategies. Yet, we love to hear how real business owners are putting them in action.

Share your experience with a comment below!