How to Build a Website From Scratch (And Turn it Into a Success)

how to build a website from scratch

Are you looking to create a killer website for your startup business? So you’re not an expert web designer, that’s ok!

We’ve got some tips on how to build a website from scratch. That way, you can always start building and tweak later.

Pick the Right Platform

First of all with today’s technology, the website has to be mobile friendly.

Did you know that mobile and tablet devices accounted for over 51% of internet usage in 2016? That means that people are surfing the web on-the-go, so the site better be easy to read on smaller devices.

With that in mind, your site needs to have a good content management system. Meaning, the site is user-friendly and you can manage your own content.

For example, lots of people use WordPress and Wix because they offer built-in templates. It’s very easy to make changes and the best part is, they’re both free!

Get a Domain Name

You’ll need to think of a domain name, and it doesn’t have to be unique. You can go as simple as your or Although WordPress is free, a domain name and hosting does cost extra. If you’re really passionate about getting the business recognized, you’ll have to budget in $3 or $5 a month for the site.

Factoring in the couple extra dollars for hosting vps will make sure that the site loads quickly so customers won’t get frustrated. The last thing you need is a negative review.

Focus on How to Build a Website from Scratch Using Marketing

What’s the best way for the site to come up first on Google search? Keywords.

Did you know that 50% of search queries are only four words or longer? Using the right SEO strategy can help you focus on the right keywords to promote your site. Keep in mind that the keywords should be included in the title, headings, and content.

While you’re at it, you should create social media accounts and link to them on the site. Make sure that you have a brand image so people will recognize the company.

In fact, it’s worth it to spend some extra time making the brand compelling and easy to recognize so that it gets people’s attention. It’s all about self promotion!

Write Quality Content

Why are you writing posts for the readers? Why should they care?

The key on how to build a website from scratch is providing something fresh to people. Write content that other people want to read and promote.

Your post should be shared across social media. Make it a goal to have a certain number of views, shares and likes a week. That way, by tracking your social media performance with analytics, you’ll be able to see what content people are responding to the most.

How We Can Help

Just like writing a research paper, it’s important to have a layout for a website. What do you want to include? What are people going to be drawn to?

For more information or additional questions, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help get you started.