google analytics metrics

Google Analytics metrics is a powerful tool that helps measure and improve any website’s reach and effectiveness. The free and user-friendly engagement-measuring program tracks how many people visit your site, where they were referred from, and many other useful statistics. Learn how to take advantage of Google Analytics as a true Webmaster with these 7 critical Google Analytics metrics tips. 1. Get a Grasp of Your Google Analytics Metrics with Acquisition Overview Acquisition Overview shows you a basic summary of your website’s performance as one of the broadest Google Analytics metrics. The Acquisition Overview tool gives you a holistic view of how many people visitRead More →

social media packages

Digital marketing relies heavily on social media usage to succeed. When social media packages fail to produce results, marketers are left wondering where they went wrong. After all, it’s only social media. Everyone uses Facebook and Twitter. How hard can it be to get likes and comments on platforms that everyone is on? It’s actually very hard. Learn more below. The Difficulty Of Social Media It seems like everyone and their mother has a social media account these days. Adults who do have an account are 95% likely to follow a brand they like. That number alone is enough reason to set up a businessRead More →